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RingPlus is a provider of no contract prepaid wireless cell phone plans. It is an MVNO that operates on the Sprint network and the company offers a variety of wireless plans at a variety of different price points starting at completely free.  Wi-Fi calling is offered free of charge to supplement areas where Sprint’s network is lacking.


The articles shown here provide all the latest news and promotions that RingPlus is offering. Analysis of their plans and promotions are provided as are comparisons with their competitors plans when applicable.

News and Promotions

News and Promotions

RingPlus Mad Coffee House Plans

RingPlus’s First Promotional Plans Of 2017, Here’s What You Need To Know

RingPlus has announced its first promotional plan offerings of 2017 which include free and paid plans.  The plans are set to open today, January 5th 2017 at 9:00 PM PST and will remain open...
RingPlus Mad Daily Cent Promotion

Latest RingPlus Promotions Feature Plans Starting At A Penny A Day

RingPlus is launching two new Mad Promotions starting at 9 PM PST on December 5th, 2016 and lasting until 9 PM PST on December 6th.  The plans are billed per day and per use. Mad...
RingPlus Announces Thanksgiving 2016 Plans

RingPlus Announces Thanksgiving Plans Ranging In Price From Free With Top Ups To $39.99

RingPlus has announced its latest promotions and they are currently running until November 28, 2016 at 11:00 PM PST.  The plans are open to new activations and are also available as upgrade options to...
RingPlus Logo

RingPlus Discontinues All Non “Mad Plans”, Affected Subscribers Will Need To Change Plans

RingPlus is abruptly ending service for all of its plans that are not called "Mad".  All plans being terminated are legacy plans, plans that are not directly routed through Sprint's network.  Starting December 1st,...
RingPlus Mad Promos 3, 4 and 5

To Make Your Head Spin, RingPlus Is In The Middle Of Announcing Three New Promotions!

It seems like RingPlus is in an awful hurry to make up for all the promotions that it could not offer during its recent transitionary period where it revamped its plans and service.  During...
RingPlus Mad Promo Two

RingPlus Announces Mad Promo Two With Up To 1.5 GB Of Free Data

RingPlus has announced a new and limited time promotion called the "Mad Promo Two."  The plan will...
RingPlus Logo

RingPlus Is Back With New Plans, More To Come?

For nearly a week RingPlus stopped accepting new activations.  Today the Sprint MVNO came back...
RingPlus Gladstone Free Plan

RingPlus Flash Sale: Gladstone Free Plan

RingPlus is currently running two flash promotions, one of which is an old promotion that...
RingPlus Family Dinner Plan Promotions

RingPlus’s Family Dinner Plans Promotion

RingPlus's latest promotions, dubbed the Family Dinner Plans are set to launch today, September 21st,...

RingPlus Announces Mad BBQ Final Cut Family Plan: Features Unlimited Everything, 4 Lines $49.92

RingPlus's latest promotion is one geared to families and it will go live for new activations...


What network does Ringplus Use?


Does Ringplus Support BYOD?

Yes.  Any Sprint phone that has been paid off in full and is not under contract is eligible for activation.  Many Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile phones will also work as long as they have been used for one year on Boost or Virgin Mobile.  Select phones from other carriers such as iPhones and Nexus devices may work as long as they are unlocked.  You can use the Ringplus device eligibility checker to see if your device will work.

Why are their plans so cheap?

Ringplus’s cell phone plans are sponsored by various advertisers which reduces costs for subscribers.  A majority of RingPlus phone plans and thus calls are first processed through RingPlus servers which for some subscribers causes call lag or latency.  A RingPlus subscriber who experiences call lag or latency will notice a slight delay in the other party being able to hear what they have said and vice versa.  The RingPlus servers are used to replace the traditional ringing sound that one hears while waiting for the other party to pick up the line with music and advertisements as a way for RingPlus to subsidize the cost of its plans.  Ringplus servers are necessary for some of RingPlus’s other features to function such as real time in call language translation.   For users who experience call lag RingPlus offers higher priced “Mad Plans” that get routed directly through Sprint and bypass the RingPlus servers.

Is roaming available?

Yes, roaming is available at a charge of 14¢ per minute and 55¢ per MB.

Are taxes and fees included in the price?

No.  Taxes and fees vary from state to state.  For an estimate of taxes and fees that you may have to pay, see this guide http://taxfoundation.org/article/wireless-taxation-united-states-2014

What is Member+?

Member+ is a subscription service for RingPlus subscribers that is designed to give members additional perks.  Member benefits include:

  • Access to RingPlus promotions for 2 extra days after they close to the general public
  • 3% TopUP rewards, regular subscribers get 1.5%
  • Access to special offers such as specially priced ad ons like tethering and extra data
  • Premium same day support
  • Upgrade waiting list priority
  • Access to international phone unlocking
  • Ability to merge accounts
  • Ability to split accounts

A concierge service with the following:

  • Help you access all of your benefits
  • Help you verify your ESN and ICCID
  • Help you port your number
  • Help you make changes to your account (e.g., parental controls, radio stations)
  • Free ESN parking service (limited to one per account)
  • Help you swap phones between accounts
  • Help get your preferred area code

How much does Member+ cost and how do I sign up?

A Lifetime Financing Add on is available.  The cost is $19.99 for 8 consecutive months to gain Lifetime Member+ membership status.  If you don’t pay for a month you will lose your Member+ status and be downgraded to the Truly Free 2 plan.

Short term subscriptions are also available priced as follows:

  • $99.99 yearly with auto renewal
  • $59.99 for semi annual membership with auto renewal
  • $39.99 for quarterly membership with auto renewal

All prices include taxes.

You may signup through your account dashboard under the Add Ons heading.  If you don’t yet have a plan you can sign up for the Truly Free 2 plan with your credit card, then you’ll gain access to Member+ through your account dashboard.

What happens if I no longer wish to be a Member+ subscriber?

If you cancel your Member+ subscription, you will no longer be able to keep any of the specially priced add ons you signed up for.  Furthermore, if you signed up for a plan through the Member+ program you will lose access to that plan and be downgraded to the Truly Free 2 plan once your monthly plan is up.

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This Member+ crap is SO bogus. People are being majorly scammed.