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RingPlus News

RingPlus Matching Magic Plan

Joe Paonessa - Sep 20, 2014
RingPlus Announces Matching Magic Plan Full Program Details      The other day I wrote about RingPlus’s Magic Matching Plan.  It now seems this is going to be much more than previously described.  RingPlus, a prepaid operator on the Sprint network,  continues to think outside of the box as it
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RingPlus to Release Matching Magic Plan

Joe Paonessa - Sep 18, 2014
RingPlus Announces the Magic Plan      RingPlus seems to be experimenting with new and creative ideas for prepaid plans.  They have just announced a new “matching” plan.  How useful, or who ends up taking advantage of this plan remains to be seen.  The way it will work is a
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RingPlus Adds WiFi Calling

Joe Paonessa - Sep 16, 2014
RingPlus Adds WiFi Calling to Majority of Plans      RingPlus, an MVNO offering prepaid wireless plans through the Sprint network announced several big changes today.  Every plan will now include roaming capabilities, which is a big deal as not every prepaid provider does. Roaming will cost extra though at
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RingPlus Now Accepting Bitcoin

Joe Paonessa - Jul 22, 2014
 Sprint MVNO RingPlus has entered the world of crypto currencies.  They are now the only cell phone service provider in the USA to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.  Whether this turns out to be a good idea for RingPlus remains to be seen.  Though legal, the crypto currencies are technically not
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