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RingPlus to Release Matching Magic Plan

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RingPlus Announces the Magic Plan

     RingPlus seems to be experimenting with new and creative ideas for prepaid plans.  They have just announced a new "matching" plan.  How useful, or who ends up taking advantage of this plan remains to be seen.  The way it will work is a customer will have a primary line with x amount of minutes, text and data.

Any time anything is used on that primary line will immediately get added back to a secondary line.  So, in other words, if the primary line sends 10 texts, uses 5 mb of data, and talks for 5 minutes, the secondary line will immediately get 10 texts, 5 mb of data, and 5 minutes of talk added to their account to use. It would seem these new plans were added to compensate for RingPlus's recent announcement that they will no longer be offering free plans.  If you missed it and you use the free plans, pay close attention because if your plan is set to auto renew on or before September 20th, your account status will be set to suspend allowing you the opportunity to port out to another provider or to change plans within RingPlus.  They really didn't give you freeloaders out there much advanced notice.

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