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The latest news from the USA MVNO market and prepaid wireless industries.

Boost Mobile Half Off Annual Plan 35GB - $12.50/Month

Expiring Soon! Boost Mobile Annual Plan, 35GB, $12.50/Month!

Joe Paonessa-Feb 24, 2024
Boost Mobile has launched a very limited time promotion. New customers can get an annual plan with 35GB of monthly high-speed data for just $12.50/month. The total upfront cost is
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Boon Of Wireless Podcast

It’s Time for Mobile World Congress And The Boon Of Wireless Podcast!

Jon Horovitz-Feb 23, 2024
It’s Time for Mobile World Congress! This week’s article will be a short one with a couple of updates. World Mobile Congress (MWC – The Largest And Most Influential… |
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Tello Mobile Introduces Data Top-Ups

Tello Mobile Officially Launches Data Top-Ups & Purchases By SMS

Joe Paonessa-Feb 21, 2024
Tello Mobile announced today they have officially launched data top-ups. Subscribers who exhaust their high-speed data during their billing cycles can now add an additional 1GB of high-speed data to
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Simple Mobile Dealer

Simple Mobile Wins 4Q23 Wave7 Research Prepaid Dealer Survey, Verizon Prepaid A Strong No. 2

Joe Paonessa-Feb 21, 2024
Simple Mobile has won the Wave7 Research quarterly multi-carrier prepaid dealer survey that was conducted in 4Q23. That’s the 36th straight quarterly win for the brand, and it has won
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Consumer Cellular Branded Store

Consumer Cellular Offers $5/Mo Off Any Plan For 12 Months, With TV Ad Support

Joe Paonessa-Feb 20, 2024
Consumer Cellular has launched a new promotion as detailed in a recently filed prepaid report by the firm Wave7 Research. New customers can receive a $5/month discount for their first
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PureTalk Free Samsung Galaxy A15

PureTalk’s Latest TV Ad And Offer Is A Pitch For A Free Samsung Galaxy Phone

Joe Paonessa-Feb 19, 2024
PureTalk has launched a new promotion offering a free Samsung Galaxy A15, as noted by Wave7 Research in its latest prepaid market report. This deal, described by Wave7 Research as
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Are Wireless Subscribers Switching To MVNOs?

Are Wireless Subscribers Considering Switching to MVNOs? How Can You Get Them To Switch To Your MVNO?

Jon Horovitz-Feb 9, 2024
In October, 2023, I wrote in this space: “Where Should I Buy My Wireless Service This Holiday Season?” The article outlined the pros and cons of buying a phone and
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US Mobile Adds Annual Plan Option To Home Phone Plan

US Mobile Continues Annual Plan Push, Raises Monthly Rate Of Home Phone Plan

Joe Paonessa-Feb 8, 2024
In October 2023, BestMVNO reported that US Mobile launched a landline Home Phone plan. The launch rate was $9.99/month for unlimited calling, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and conference calling.
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US Mobile Beta Tests $15 Dual SIM Add-On So You Can Use Your Unlimited Data Plan Across Multiple Networks

US Mobile Beta Tests Dual SIM Add-On: Use Your Data Across Multiple Networks

Joe Paonessa-Feb 7, 2024
US Mobile has launched beta testing of a new plan feature to allow for multi-network use unlimited plans. US Mobile’s flagship unlimited plan costs $50/month for a single line and
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4q23 Industry Wireless Subscriber Adds

Industry Insights: FCC’s Proposed Broadband Consumer Labels & 4Q23 Wireless Carriers’ Subscriber Growth

Jon Horovitz-Jan 30, 2024
Hello and a Belated Happy New Year!  It was great to see so many old friends at CES in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and meet other shakers and
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AT&T Prepaid Launches New Plan With 3Mbps Speed Cap

AT&T Prepaid’s New $40 Plan With A 3Mbps Speed Cap Is A Peculiar Throwback

Joe Paonessa-Jan 14, 2024
AT&T Prepaid has launched a new wireless plan and it is a peculiar throwback to the past with a 3Mbps speed cap. The new plan is priced at $50/month or
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Airvoice Wireless Retail Store

Airvoice Wireless Has A Deal Mirroring Mint Mobile, $15/Mo For Any Plan

Joe Paonessa-Jan 13, 2024
Airvoice Wireless is running an offer that mirrors Mint Mobile. New customers can get any three-month plan for $15/month. That makes their flagship plan the best deal. It includes 35GB
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Ultra Mobile Holiday 2023-2024 Promo

Ultra Mobile’s Holiday Offer Ends Soon, Get 3GB Data For $10/Month

Joe Paonessa-Jan 3, 2024
Ultra Mobile’s New Year’s deals are set to expire on January 7th. Update: the offers have been extended until at least 1/31. Highlighted offers include the following deals: Any 3GB
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Boost Mobile Heavily Pitched On Radio Free Samsung Galaxy A23 Offer During Q423

DISH Dominated Radio In 4Q23 With Boost Mobile & Infinite Radio Ads

Joe Paonessa-Jan 3, 2024
The fourth quarter of 2023 saw DISH invest heavily in the marketing of its Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite brands. According to the latest prepaid report from the firm Wave7
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Mint Mobile Fifteen Dollars For Every Plan January 2024

Mint Mobile January 2024 Deal Is The Return Of $15/Month For Any Plan

Joe Paonessa-Jan 2, 2024
Mint Mobile has once again brought back its offer of $15/month for three months on any plan. The deal replaces an offer of buy three months get three months free
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