Metro By T-Mobile Store Stock Photo February, 6, 2020 Minneapolis

T-Mobile Sprint Post Merger Jobs Promise Continues To Ring Hollow, Metro Dealers Must Pivot To New Brands

Joe Paonessa-May 2, 2020
April 1, 2020, otherwise known as April Fool’s day was the day the Sprint and T-Mobile merger closed. But did T-Mobile fool government regulatory agencies and the public with that
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Straight Talk Wireless's $35 Phone Plan Now Includes 5GB Data

Straight Talk Wireless $35 Phone Plan Now Includes 5GB High-Speed Data

Joe Paonessa-Apr 30, 2020
Straight Talk Wireless has made a change to one of its wireless plans. The $35 plan now includes 5GB of high-speed data. This is up from its previous allotment of
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Boost Mobile's Expanded Data Network Has Launched In Select Markets

Boost Mobile Expands Onto T-Mobile’s Network, Sprint Network Still Area Of Focus In Select Locations

Joe Paonessa-Apr 28, 2020
A couple of weeks ago BestMVNO reported that Boost Mobile would be launching an expanded data network to give subscribers access to T-Mobile’s network. Today the rollout of that network
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Activate Any Red Pocket Mobile Plan For $1

All Red Pocket Mobile GSMA Network Plans Are Now $1

Joe Paonessa-Apr 27, 2020
Red Pocket Mobile has launched another promotion. New customers who activate on a Red Pocket Mobile GSMA network plan will get their first month of service for just $1. This
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All Total Wireless Plans Now Include Unlimited 2G Data

Total Wireless Makes A Long Overdue Change, All Plans Now Include Unlimited 2G Data

Joe Paonessa-Apr 23, 2020
Total Wireless has made a long-overdue change. The company’s $35 phone plan finally comes with unlimited 2G data after subscribers consume the plans high-speed data allotment of 5GB. The plan
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Venn Mobile Offering Unlimited Plan For $17/Month

Venn Mobile Earth Day Sale Will Get You Unlimited Plan With 50GB Hotspot For $17/Month

Joe Paonessa-Apr 22, 2020
Venn Mobile quietly launched as a wireless service provider back in late January. The brand is run by the same people behind Teltik which was founded in 2016. Venn Mobile
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Spring Into BIG Savings With New Promos From Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Launches “Spring Into BIG Savings” Promo Featuring $19.99 Samsung Galaxy A10e

Joe Paonessa-Apr 20, 2020
Cricket Wireless has updated its phone promos again. The last update was about 3 weeks ago. There are now several new promos available with the featured offers being for switchers.
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US Mobile Announces Upcoming 5G Network & Associated Plan

US Mobile Announces Upcoming 5G Network & Unlimited Plan, Get Early Access 3 Months For $100

Joe Paonessa-Apr 18, 2020
The time for 5G MVNO network access is upon us.  From what I understand, all T-Mobile based providers already have access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, but not all advertise it. 
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iPhone 7 Is Now $29.99 At Metro By-T-Mobile

iPhone 7 Is $29.99 At Metro By-T-Mobile

Joe Paonessa-Apr 18, 2020
The iPhone SE generation 2 is launching everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal on an older iPhone flagship.  Metro By-T-Mobile is now offering the iPhone
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Gen Mobile Offers 5GB Of Free Bonus Data On Select Plans During COVID-19 Crisis

Gen Mobile’s COVID-19 Response Offer Is For 5GB Of Free Data

Joe Paonessa-Apr 18, 2020
Gen Mobile is the latest wireless provider to come out with an offer to help its subscribers cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.  New and existing customers on a plan priced
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The 2nd Generation iPhone SE Is Launching At Several MVNO And Carrier Prepaid Brands

The New iPhone SE Will Launch At Several Carrier Prepaid Brands And MVNOS

Joe Paonessa-Apr 16, 2020
If you somehow missed it, Apple launched the iPhone SE generation 2 this week.  The body of the device is a throwback to yesteryear with large bezels, but it does
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Boost Mobile Set To Launch Expanded Data Network

Boost Mobile Is Launching Expanded Data Network With VoLTE Services

Joe Paonessa-Apr 16, 2020
Boost Mobile’s first move after the Sprint-T-Mobile merger was to offer a $15 phone plan that matched exactly what was being offered over at Metro By-T-Mobile.  Now T-Mobile is getting
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H2O Wireless Launches Online Sales Program To Help Retailers Get Through COVID-19 Crisis

H2O Wireless Launches Online Sales Program To Help Dealers Cope With The COVID-19 Crisis

Joe Paonessa-Apr 14, 2020
H2O Wireless has launched a new online sales program that is designed to help dealers to be able to continue their business online during the COVID-19 crisis.  Normally dealers only
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TextNow Offering Those Impacted By COVID-19 Free Phone And Free Plan

TextNow’s COVID-19 Response Gives Customers Free Phone And Free Plan

Joe Paonessa-Apr 14, 2020
TextNow is a wireless provider that operates on the Sprint network and also over WiFi.  In late January the company unveiled a free wireless plan that it said was years
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Tracfone's eBay Exclusive Annual Plan Is Now $29.99

Tracfone’s Annual Plan With 3GB Of Data Is Now $29.99

Joe Paonessa-Apr 10, 2020
Last year Tracfone debuted an eBay exclusive annual plan with 1200 minutes, 1200 text messages and 3GB of data for $49.99/year. The plan has been discounted numerous times since then. 
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