Simple Mobile Offers 4 Unlimited Lines For $100

Simple Mobile Offers 4 Unlimited Lines For $100

Joe Paonessa-Jul 7, 2020
Simple Mobile has an offer running of 4 unlimited data lines for $100. The offer is only available at Total Wireless stores and through independent multi-carrier dealers. Total Wireless stores
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Verizon Prepaid Moto E5 Go Is Free At Walmart (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

The Verizon Prepaid Moto E5 Go Is Now Free In-Store At Walmart

Joe Paonessa-Jul 3, 2020
The Verizon Prepaid Moto E5 Go is now available for free exclusively at Walmart. The offer is available in-store only and was jointly discovered by analysts at Wave7 Research and
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NET10 Wireless Plans Have Been Updated To Include Significantly More Data

NET10 Wireless Updates Plans Featuring 30GB Data For $45/Month

Joe Paonessa-Jul 3, 2020
NET10 Wireless has updated its wireless plans. The plan updates are significant as they make NET10 the best value play among the TracFone brands that use the Verizon network. On
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Cricket Wireless Has A New Bill Credit Promotion At Target (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

Cricket Wireless Customers Can Save $60 Via Bill Credits By Purchasing A SIM At Target

Joe Paonessa-Jul 2, 2020
Cricket Wireless has been very busy over the last several weeks with new phone launches and promos. A recent report from Wave7 Research noted another new offer from Cricket, this
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Boost Mobile Is Now Under DISH Ownership With New Plans & Logo

Dish Now Owns Boost Mobile, And Wireless Plan Changes Are Being Made

Joe Paonessa-Jul 1, 2020
July 1, 2020, is the day that Boost Mobile was officially acquired by the DISH Network for $1.4 billion. T-Mobile was required to divest Boost Mobile in order to gain
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Tello's 4th Of July SALE-A-Bration Offer Is 4 For Any Phone Plan

Tello’s 4th Of July Sale Is $4 For Any Phone Plan

Joe Paonessa-Jun 30, 2020
Another holiday is approaching and that means Tello Mobile has a new phone plan sale to celebrate it. Tello is marketing the promo as being a SALE-A-Bration. New subscribers can
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Venn Mobile May Be Forced To Permanently Close

Venn Mobile’s Service Has Shut Down & May Be Permanent, Teltik Could Be Next

Joe Paonessa-Jun 27, 2020
Venn Mobile launched wireless service in late January 2020 featuring one unlimited everything plan with 50GB of mobile hotspot for $30/month. Venn Mobile is run by the same people behind
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Verizon Prepaid Introduces Customer Loyalty Discount Program

Verizon Prepaid Introduces Customer Loyalty Discounts, The Longer You Stay The More You Save

Joe Paonessa-Jun 24, 2020
Verizon Prepaid has introduced customer loyalty discounts that are being marketed around the tagline “stay with us, save with us.” The longer a customer stays with Verizon Prepaid, the more
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Simple Mobile And Total Wireless Launch At Sam's Club (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

Simple Mobile & Total Wireless Expand Into Sam’s Club, Special Offers Available

Joe Paonessa-Jun 20, 2020
Tracfone brands Simple Mobile and Total Wireless have expanded retail availability by launching in Sam’s Club. The move was first observed by industry analysts at Wave7 Research. Both brands are
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TextNow Is One Of Several Prepaid Brands That Have Recently Launched TV Advertising Campaigns

Pure TalkUSA, TextNow And Visible Have All Launched National TV Advertising Campaigns

Joe Paonessa-Jun 19, 2020
There’s been a big shift in the brands that are spending on national TV advertising Wave7 Research recently reported to its subscribers. Lesser known brands such as TextNow and Pure
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AT&T Store Located In Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NJ

AT&T Takes A Turn At Eliminating Thousands Of Jobs

Joe Paonessa-Jun 17, 2020
T-Mobile has received a lot of negative attention over the last several months for reducing its workforce. Now it’s AT&T’s turn. According to a report from Reuters, over the next
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Hundreds More T-Mobile Employees Will Soon No Longer Be With T-Mobile

T-Mobile Sprint Post Merger Blues Continue With Even More Job Layoffs

Joe Paonessa-Jun 16, 2020
April 4, 2019, was the date that T-Mobile’s then CEO, John Legere, made big and bold promises about the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger. A great emphasis was placed on the claim
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Republic Wireless Summer Of Savings 2020 Deals

Republic Wireless Offering 3-Months Of Service For $30

Joe Paonessa-Jun 10, 2020
Republic Wireless has launched a new promo featuring the tagline “Summer Of Savings!” Republic’s Summer Of Savings offer will give subscribers a wireless plan featuring unlimited talk and text with
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Tello Mobile Father's Day 2020 Plan Promo

Tello Mobile’s Father’s Day Sale Is $39 Unlimited Plan For $14

Joe Paonessa-Jun 10, 2020
Tello Mobile launched a new promo today. The offer is being billed as “unlimited everything for dad at just $14/month.” That make makes it a Father’s Day plan sale. To
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AT&T Prepaid Has New 3-Month Discount Plan Offer

AT&T Prepaid Has A New 8GB 3-Month Discount Plan For $33/Month

Joe Paonessa-Jun 10, 2020
AT&T Prepaid continues to push into the multi-month plan market. Last summer the brand launched an annual plan for $25/month plus tax that included 8GB of monthly high-speed data. Just
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