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Best Buy Has Sprint's Unlimited Kickstart Plan For $25/Month
Sprint’s $25/Month Unlimited Kickstart Plan Is Back But Only At Best Buy
Joe Paonessa - Feb 17, 2020
Sprint has once again lowered the price of its Unlimited Kickstart plan from $35/month down to $25/month.  The catch is the plan is only available at Best Buy.  The plan is being marketed alongside Best Buy’s long-running deal of “save up to $100 on unlocked phones” when activated on Sprint.
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Sprint Launches WatchMeGo A Wearable For Children
Sprint Announces WatchMeGo A Wearable Device For Young Children
Joe Paonessa - Feb 7, 2020
Sprint today sent out a press release to announce the launch of a new product, WatchMeGo.  WatchMeGo is a wearable device designed for children ages 4-13.  GPS is built into the watch and parents will be able to monitor their child’s location through the WatchMeGo app which is available on
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Sprint Affordable Choice Program At Walmart, Photo Via Wave7 Research
Sprint Expands Into A Majority Of Walmarts, Offers Affordable Choice Program To Help Those With Poor Credit
Gilbert Lopez - Dec 19, 2019
Wave7 Research recently reported to its subscribers that Sprint is now available at a majority of Walmart locations based on sources and checks. Prior to the expansion, Wave7 Research had noted that Sprint was available in an estimated 40% of all Walmart locations, or approximately 1,400 of it’s 3,568 US
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Sprint Grants 5G Network Access To MVNO Partners
Sprint Now Allowing MVNOs Access To 5G Wireless Network
Joe Paonessa - Sep 30, 2019
Carriers over the past few months have building out and turning on their 5G wireless networks.  However, the footprint for each carrier 5G network is still very tiny and limited to a very small number of geographic locations.  The largest 5G network, at least in terms of supported cities currently
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Sprint's Free Unlimited Plan Offer Is Gone, But Unlimited Kickstart Is Still Available For $25/Month
Sprint’s Free For A Year Unlimited Plan Discontinued, New Deals Are Out And You Can Still Get Unlimited Kickstart For $25/Month
Joe Paonessa - Apr 6, 2019
Sprint’s long-running free for a year unlimited data plan offer has finally ended.  The offer was first made available in June of 2017.  It gave customer’s a plan that included unlimited talk, text, and LTE data free for a year minus taxes.  The offer officially ended on April 4, 2019,
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Consumer Cellular Is Taking Over Sprint Displays At Target
Sprint Exits Target, Consumer Cellular To Benefit With A Larger In-Store Presence
Joe Paonessa - Mar 26, 2019
Sprint is leaving Target’s retail space.  Consumer Cellular will take over its displays giving the brand a more pronounced presence in the store.  This change was first noted by Wave7 Research. According to Wave7 Research, multiple sources in several states have confirmed the move.  BestMVNO confirmed the change locally with
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The Pre-Owned Apple iPhone 7 Is Available For $3/Month On A Sprint Flex Lease
Sprint Flash Sale Features Pre-Owned iPhone 7 Lease For $3/Month
Joe Paonessa - Mar 22, 2019
Sprint has launched several new phone deals including a flash sale on a pre-owned iPhone 7.  From now until 3/28/19 customers can lease the phone for just $3/month.  Other newly launched offers include the Samsung Galaxy S10e for $15/month, the Samsung Galaxy S10 for $20/month and the Samsung Galaxy S10+
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Sprint Is Now Offering 5 Unlimited Lines For $100
Sprint Announces 5 Unlimited LTE Data Lines For $100 Promo
Joe Paonessa - Dec 13, 2018
Sprint today announced a new multi-line promo.  Customers who sign up for Sprint’s unlimited basic plan can add up to 4 additional lines to it for a total cost of $100.  That means subscribers can now get 5 lines for $100.  Sprint is charging $60 for line 1, $40 for
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Sprint Customers Impacted By Hurricane Michael Will Get 1 Month Service Credit
Sprint Offering Those Impacted By Hurricane Michael 1 Free Month Of Service
Joe Paonessa - Oct 18, 2018
Sprint says that it is making significant progress in restoring service to Florida customers that were hit by Hurricane Michael.  The wireless provider says that a majority of those impacted by the hurricane now have service.  However, there are still some outages due to ongoing commercial power outages and delays
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Sprint Announces Unlimited Premium Plan For $90/Month
Joe Paonessa - Sep 1, 2018
Sprint has announced a new “Unlimited Premium” plan.  The plan comes with more mobile hotspot data than its other unlimited plans and more perks such as an Amazon Prime subscription.  The new plan which Sprint calls a “VIP platinum-style wireless plan” will cost subscribers $90/month.  It joins two other unlimited
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Limited Time Offer iPhone 7 Now $7/Month On A Sprint Flex Lease
Sprint iPhone Flash Sale, Get iPhone 7 For $7/Month
Joe Paonessa - Aug 24, 2018
Starting on August 24th, Sprint is running a flash sale on the iPhone 7.  Subscribers can get the device for just $7/month on a Sprint Flex lease.  This isn’t the first time Sprint has had such an offer available.  The iPhone 8 was previously available on a lease for $8/month. 
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Sprint's Unlimited Kickstart Promo Is Back For $25/Month
Sprint’s Unlimited LTE Data Kickstart Plan Is Back, This Time For $25/Month
Joe Paonessa - Aug 23, 2018
Back in June Sprint unveiled a deal called Unlimited Kickstart.  The plan offered unlimited everything including LTE data for just $15/month.  The promo expired just one week later after launch.  Now, Sprint is bringing Unlimited Kickstart back, this time at a price of $25/month plus taxes and fees.  Sprint is
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Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Promotion
Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstart Promo Is Unlimited LTE Data For $15/Month
Joe Paonessa - Jun 7, 2018
Starting tomorrow, June 8th, Sprint will be offering an unlimited LTE data plan for just $15/month plus taxes and fees.  Sprint is calling the deal “Unlimited Kickstart.” While the deal may not be as good as when Sprint gave away unlimited data for free last year, it is still something
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Sprint's First Major Promotion Of 2018 Is For 1 Free Year Of Unlimited Data
Sprint Offering Free Year Of Unlimited LTE Data For Up To 5 Lines To Those Who Make The Switch
Joe Paonessa - Jan 17, 2018
Last summer Sprint offered free unlimited LTE data to those who made the switch over from another carrier.  The deal expired at the end of June. Today, that deal is back. Deal Features And Requirements Those that switch from either AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon and own a compatible phone will
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Sprint MVNO Comparison
Sprint And Altice USA Announce MVNO Pact
Joe Paonessa - Nov 5, 2017
Sprint and Altice USA announced today that they have agreed to a partnership.  The partnership will allow Altice USA to use Sprint’s network to provide cellular service for its customers throughout USA.  Sprint will in turn get to leverage Altice USA’s broadband platform to accelerate the densification of its network. According
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