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Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstart Promo Is Unlimited LTE Data For $15/Month

Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Promotion
Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Promotion
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Starting tomorrow, June 8th, Sprint will be offering an unlimited LTE data plan for just $15/month plus taxes and fees.  Sprint is calling the deal "Unlimited Kickstart." While the deal may not be as good as when Sprint gave away unlimited data for free last year, it is still something to behold.  For a limited time, Sprint will have the cheapest unlimited data plan on the market.

Offer Details

The plan will of course include unlimited talk and text to go along with the unlimited LTE data.  The unlimited data won't be subjected to temporary data throttling after a certain amount of high speed data is consumed in a month.  It will however be subjected to temporary data throttling at any point in time that the carrier network becomes congested.

Unfortunately Sprint's unlimited data plan won't include any mobile hotspot. Video streaming will be limited to a maximum resolution of 480p.  Music streaming will be limited to a maximum of 500Kbps, and gaming streams will be limited to 2 Mbps.

In order to qualify for the promotional rate you will have to port in from another carrier.  No word on if porting in from a Sprint MVNO will be allowed but you can certainly give it a try.  (Update 6/12/18- Several readers have reported that the deal is not available to you if you are coming from a Sprint MVNO.) The offer is expected to be available for a limited time lasting just a few weeks.  (Update 2, this offer is set to end on Friday, June 15th, at 11:59 pm EST.) It will only be available online and over the phone.  It is not available in stores. (Update 3, for a limited time starting August 24, 2018 unlimited kickstart is back. )

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