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Sprint Continuing to Show its Prepaid Partners and Potential Customers the Stiff Arm Thanks to its Financial Eligibility Check (FEC)

Joe Paonessa - Mar 13, 2015
UPDATED: 3/20/2015       Ever since its introduction last month, Sprint’s Financial Eligibility Check (FEC) has been a nightmare for its MVNO business partners as well as their potential customers.  Just yesterday I was contacted by someone who claims the issue is still going strong when they were unable to activate
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Sprint Family Share Pack VS Other Carrier Family Plans

Does Sprint Really Offer More Data For Less With its Family Share Plans?

Joe Paonessa - Feb 20, 2015
Today Sprint announced a new deal involving its family share plans.  For $90/month customers can now get unlimited talk, text, and 12 GB of shared data for up to 10 lines.  Using its magic wizardry with numbers and slick wording, Sprint claims this is “the best family share plan available
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Sprint Aggressively Pursues T-Mobile Customers Guaranteeing Minimum of $200 to Trade-in Phone and Also Offering up to $350 to Cover ETF and Installment Balance

Joe Paonessa - Jan 23, 2015
        The war to wrestle away each others subscribers continued today between Sprint and T-Mobile as Sprint announced that it will guarantee all T-Mobile customers instantly a minimum of $200 for porting in their number AND trading in their current working T-Mobile phone at a participating Sprint store.  The offer
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Sprint Reduces Data Acess Charges On $80 and $90 Plans

Joe Paonessa - Nov 11, 2014
        In it’s fight to increase market share, Sprint has elected to take another page out of T-Mobile’s book by lowering rates on a couple of it’s plans.  Sprint’s latest quarterly results weren’t too favorable from a postpaid subscriber point of view as they reported a net loss of
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Sprint New iPhone Every Year With Early Upgrade

Joe Paonessa - Oct 27, 2014
Sprint Amends iPhone Every Year Program With Early Upgrade Option Sprint recently amended their iPhone for Life program, and now you can get a new iPhone every year, but is it worth it for you?  Let’s take a closer look at this new policy. First off, you must purchase an
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RingPlus to Release Matching Magic Plan

Joe Paonessa - Sep 18, 2014
RingPlus Announces the Magic Plan      RingPlus seems to be experimenting with new and creative ideas for prepaid plans.  They have just announced a new “matching” plan.  How useful, or who ends up taking advantage of this plan remains to be seen.  The way it will work is a
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Sprint Revamps Prepaid Plans

Joe Paonessa - Sep 15, 2014
     Sprint today revamped it’s prepaid lineup with a pricing structure on par with it’s Boost Mobile brand.  For those of you don’t know, Sprint owns the Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile brands, so they seem to be creating a bit of a redundancy here.  The Virgin and Boost Mobile
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Sprint and T-Mobile Fight Each Other For Your Mobile Phone Trade In

Joe Paonessa - Sep 8, 2014
Sprint and T-Mobile today both announced aggressive plans to go after trade-ins of your used mobile phone and to hopefully gain a new customer.  One of these two is a bit more aggressive than the other.  Let’s start the discussion by dissecting Sprint’s offering first. Sprint’s Trade in Program Sprint
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Sprint Single User Unlimited Data Plan

Joe Paonessa - Aug 21, 2014
Today Sprint intended to shake up the mobile industry by offering a new unlimited data plan for individuals, but instead, they released well, something. This “new” plan is similar to what a lot of MVNO’s already have. The plan costs $60 and in order to qualify you must purchase a
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Sprint Doubles the data

Joe Paonessa - Aug 18, 2014
Sprint’s New Family Share Pack Data Plans Sprint has done it today, by announcing new family data plans, putting the pressure on the other carriers, even outdoing in some ways T-Mobile’s new family plan.  For $100 plus a $15 per line access fee, no matter the size of your family,
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Sprint Offers 30 Day Network Trial and LTE Expansion into 28 New Markets

Joe Paonessa - Jun 23, 2014
Following T-mobile’s lead, staring June 27th, Sprint will be offering potential customers the opportunity to try their network risk free for 30 days.  If you’re not satisfied with the carrier, Sprint will fully refund the cost of your device and waive activation fees and monthly charges if you cancel within that time
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Sprint Offers it’s Own New Prepaid Service

Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2014
In an attempt to cannibalize itself, Sprint has decided to launch it’s own prepaid service.  Since Sprint already offers it’s own prepaid services under the brand names Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile this move seems a bit puzzling.  I would hope that under the actual prepaid name Sprint, roaming would
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Sprint Blocking BYOSD on MVNO’s

Joe Paonessa - Nov 19, 2013
Sprint has decided to become even more crappy by not allowing customer’s of it’s various MVNO’s to use certain BYOSD (Bring your own Sprint Device) phones on it’s network.  Did you just buy a new Nexus 5 from the play store to use with a Sprint MVNO?  Guess what?  Can’t
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