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Sprint Revamps Prepaid Plans

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     Sprint today revamped it's prepaid lineup with a pricing structure on par with it's Boost Mobile brand.  For those of you don't know, Sprint owns the Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile brands, so they seem to be creating a

bit of a redundancy here.  The Virgin and Boost Mobile brands would seem to offer a better value to the end user than the Sprint branded prepaid service, as the plans are cheaper and for the time being offer more data.  Boost Mobile for instance offers unlimited talk and text, and 5 GB of LTE data for $45, while Virgin's $35 plan offers unlimited text, 300 minutes talk, and 2.5 GB LTE data.  None of these three prepaid plan options include roaming.  The only advantage at the moment in going with Sprint it seems, is that you'll have the option of bringing your own device, which is something you cannot do with it's other brands.   It's also worth noting that all three brands say they'll limit video streaming to 3 G speeds.

     Another criticism of Sprints prepaid plan is that for a mere $5 more a month you can sign up for their $60 unlimited 4 G LTE data plan with unlimited talk and text, and if you purchase an iPhone 6 you can get that plan for $50 a month.  Sprint may want to consider changing pricing and data options on these plans further to potentially attract more customers.  What's your take?  Are you interested in these new prepaid plans?

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