HTC 10 On Sale For $240 At Select Sprint Stores

Updated Deal! Get An HTC 10 For $240

Joe Paonessa - Jun 14, 2017
The HTC 10 was HTC’s flagship device for 2016.  It was released in May of that year at a price of $699, and it competed against the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5’s of the world. In fact if you head in to Best Buy today, you’ll see that the
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Switch To Sprint Get Free Year Of Unlimited Data Thumbnail

Switch To Sprint And Get A Free Year Of Unlimited Data, Almost No Strings Attached

Joe Paonessa - Jun 14, 2017
Switch To Sprint From AT&T, T-Mobile Or Verizon And Get Free Year Of Unlimited Data Summer is just around the corner, and as things are just starting to heat up outside, they’re also just starting to heat up in the wireless world.  Some MVNO’s have been making the market sizzle by
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Sprint Free Tidal Promotion

New And Existing Sprint Customers Get A 6 Month Free Trial Of Streaming Music Service Tidal

Joe Paonessa - Jun 8, 2017
Starting tomorrow, June 9th, Sprint is offering a free all access pass 6 month trial of TIDAL’s music and video streaming services.  The offer will be valid for both new and existing Sprint customers.   Unlike many of its competitors which include Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, TIDAL offers lossless
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Waived Fees To Contact United Kingdom Manchester Terrorist Attack

Sprint And AT&T Temporarily Waive Fees To Call The UK

Joe Paonessa - May 23, 2017
In the aftermath of yesterdays terrorist attack in Manchester, both AT&T and Sprint are temporarily waiving fees for calls and text messages to the UK. Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile Waived Fees Sprint put out the following press release to announce that they would temporarily waive fees: Effective yesterday
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PCs For People Sprint Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plans

Select Customers Are Eligible For Unlimited 4G LTE For $120 A Year On Sprint

Joe Paonessa - Feb 10, 2016
PCs For People, is a business that offers both individuals and businesses the means to acquire or dispose of technological devices including laptops, pcs and other computer accessories.  The company works with non profit organizations, as well as low income individuals and families. PCs for People is in the process
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Sprint Prepaid Unlimited Data

Sprint Updates Its Prepaid Plans to Include Unlimited Throttled Data

Joe Paonessa - Oct 26, 2015
Sprint Updates Prepaid Plans to Include Unlimited but Throttled Data Sprint has updated its prepaid plans to all include unlimited data instead of being hard capped.   There are currently three Sprint prepaid plans and all include unlimited talk, text and data with varying amounts of high speed 4G LTE data.
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Sprint Unlimited data plan pic

Sprint Promotion Ending in Two Weeks, Last Chance For Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for $60/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 1, 2015
On October 16th, 2015, Sprint’s unlimited data plan will get a $10 rate hike going from $60/month for unlimited talk, text, and data to $70/month.  As the plan stands now, Sprint offers the lowest rate among the 4 major national carriers for unlimited 4G LTE data.  T-Mobile’s unlimited ((T-Mobile calls
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Sprint iPhone Forever Promotion

Sprint Offering iPhone 6s for $15/Month Including a Yearly Upgrade Forever to New and Existing Customers

Joe Paonessa - Sep 13, 2015
Sprint has announced that starting on September 25th qualified customers who trade in a smartphone can get an iPhone 6s for $15/month and the iPhone 6s Plus for $19/month with $0 down.  Those who don’t have a smartphone to trade in will have to pay $22/month and $26/month for the
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Spring Family Share Pack 4 Lines $100 10 GB per LIne

Sprint Introduces New Family Share Pack- A Mobile Phone Plan For Families

Joe Paonessa - Jul 29, 2015
Spring Family Share Pack 4 Lines $100 10 GB LTE Data Per Line Today Sprint introduced a new family plan which they have entitled Family Share Pack.  Starting July 31st, those families that make the switch over to Sprint network will be able to obtain unlimited talk, text and 10
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Sprint Stops Throttling Heavy Data Users

Sprint Ends Policy of Throttling Heavy Data Users

Joe Paonessa - Jun 18, 2015
In order to avoid net neutrality complaints Sprint will no longer throttle its heaviest data users.  Although Sprint believes the policy of throttling should be in compliance with the FCC’s net neutrality rules, the carrier would rather avoid any potential litigation at this point. I’m sure seeing the potential $100
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Sprint Prepaid Wireless Logo

Sprint Prepaid Now Offering Rollover Data Available Exclusively at Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Jun 2, 2015
Best Buy has secured a deal with Sprint to allow them to be the exclusive dealer of Sprint’s prepaid wireless plans with rollover data.  Rollover data is available immediately on Sprint’s Prepaid unlimited talk and text plans.  The big box store is also offering to up sell you a program
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LG G2 Sprint sale

Verizon and Sprint LG G2’s on Sale for $149.99, ATT For $174.99

Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2015
Best Buy has the Verizon and Sprint LG G2’s on Sale for $149.99 Best Buy is currently running a sale on the Verizon and Sprint LG G2 models, the VS980 and LS980 respectively.  This is quite a good price for this 2013 flagship device. The Verizon variant differs from the
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Sprint Continuing to Show its Prepaid Partners and Potential Customers the Stiff Arm Thanks to its Financial Eligibility Check (FEC)

Joe Paonessa - Mar 13, 2015
UPDATED: 3/20/2015       Ever since its introduction last month, Sprint’s Financial Eligibility Check (FEC) has been a nightmare for its MVNO business partners as well as their potential customers.  Just yesterday I was contacted by someone who claims the issue is still going strong when they were unable to activate
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Sprint Family Share Pack VS Other Carrier Family Plans

Does Sprint Really Offer More Data For Less With its Family Share Plans?

Joe Paonessa - Feb 20, 2015
Today Sprint announced a new deal involving its family share plans.  For $90/month customers can now get unlimited talk, text, and 12 GB of shared data for up to 10 lines.  Using its magic wizardry with numbers and slick wording, Sprint claims this is “the best family share plan available
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Sprint Aggressively Pursues T-Mobile Customers Guaranteeing Minimum of $200 to Trade-in Phone and Also Offering up to $350 to Cover ETF and Installment Balance

Joe Paonessa - Jan 23, 2015
 The war to wrestle away each others subscribers continued today between Sprint and T-Mobile as Sprint announced that it will guarantee all T-Mobile customers instantly a minimum of $200 for porting in their number AND trading in their current working T-Mobile phone at a participating Sprint store.  The offer
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