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Select Customers Are Eligible For Unlimited 4G LTE For $120 A Year On Sprint

PCs For People Sprint Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plans
PCs For People Offers Low Cost Sprint Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plans to Select Individuals
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PCs For People, is a business that offers both individuals and businesses the means to acquire or dispose of technological devices including laptops, pcs and other computer accessories.  The company works with non profit organizations, as well as low income individuals and families.

PCs for People is in the process of launching internet service in the form of Sprint 4G LTE data to select customers at very low prices.  In the coming weeks enrollment will begin to any individual, family or nonprofit that meets eligibility requirements.  In brief, to be eligible, individuals and families must be 200% below the poverty level as outlined at the following link  Non profits have their own eligibility requirements which are outlined here

To register for a plan you must reside OR be able to travel to any one of the following areas to prove your eligibility:

  1. St Paul, Minnesota
  2. Mankato, Minnesota
  3. Grand Rapids, Minnesota
  4. Brainerd, Minnesota
  5. Denver, Colorado

Low Cost Internet: Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan Terms

All plans include unlimited 4G LTE data, subject to Sprint's data prioritization policies, meaning if you use more than 23 GB of data in any given month your speeds will be slowed during times of heavy traffic on the network.

For new customers plans include either a Netgear Fuse or Sprint Mifi modem.  Customers must prove their eligibility to be on the plans on a yearly basis.


New Customers

  1. 3 months for $95
  2. 6 months for $130
  3. 12 months for $175

Returning Customers

  1. 3 months $40
  2. 6 months $75
  3. 12 months $120

For more information on these plans and their imminent launch please visit

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