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Sprint Updates Its Prepaid Plans to Include Unlimited Throttled Data

By Joe Paonessa – Oct 26, 2015
Sprint Prepaid Unlimited Data
Sprint Updates Prepaid Plans to Include Unlimited but Throttled Data

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Sprint Prepaid Unlimited Data
Sprint Updates Prepaid Plans to Include Unlimited but Throttled Data

Sprint has updated its prepaid plans to all include unlimited data instead of being hard capped.   There are currently three Sprint prepaid plans and all include unlimited talk, text and data with varying amounts of high speed 4G LTE data.  Each plan also includes 50 voice roaming minutes and on select devices, mobile hotspot.  The plans including there high speed data allotments are priced as follows:

  1. $35/month with 1GB 4G LTE data
  2. $45/month with 3GB 4G LTE data
  3. $55/month with 6GB 4G LTE data

Once a plans high speed data allotment gets used up, speeds get reduced to 2G or a maximum of 128 kbps.


It's hard to find reason why anyone would want to sign up for Sprint prepaid, when Sprint owned prepaid brands Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer far better value for the consumer.  For instance $30 on Boost Mobile gets you unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2GB at 4G LTE speeds.  Boost Mobile also offers growing data where you can earn more data for making on time payments, something that is easy to do with autopay enabled.  The only benefits of Sprint prepaid over the other prepaid brands is that Sprint prepaid includes a limited amount of voice roaming minutes and mobile hotspot, whereas with Boost Mobile, mobile hotspot costs an additional $5/GB.  Even with the extra costs for hotspot Boost Mobile gives you more for your dollar.

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