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Sprint Prepaid Now Offering Rollover Data Available Exclusively at Best Buy

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By Joe Paonessa – Jun 2, 2015
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Sprint Prepaid Wireless Logo

Best Buy has secured a deal with Sprint to allow them to be the exclusive dealer of Sprint's prepaid wireless plans with rollover data.  Rollover data is available immediately on Sprint's Prepaid unlimited talk and text plans.  The big box store is also offering to up sell you a program which will allow you as a Sprint prepaid customer to bring in your Sprint prepaid phone and be pre-qualified to upgrade to a new postpaid smartphone lease after nine on time payments, without the need for money down or a credit check.

The rollover data offer is for a limited time only and of an unspecified length.  A maximum of 30 GB of data per account can be rolled over to the next month, and the data does not expire.  If you however don't make payments on time or keep your account current, you will lose your rollover data.  Also if you purchased your prepaid plan at Best Buy before May 31st you'll have to migrate over to a Sprint prepaid plan with Rollover data, you will not receive it automatically.

Sprint Prepaid Monthly Plans with Rolling Data Plan Summary

All prepaid plans include unlimited talk and text and there are three different price points available with varying amounts of rollover data as follows:

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  1. $35 1GB of Rolling Data
  2. $45 3GB of Rolling Data
  3. $55 6GB of Rolling Data

The plans all include data at 4G LTE speeds, however video streaming is limited to 3G speeds.

I don't find the plans offered to be too appealing.  If you desire to be on the Sprint network your money may be better spent with their Boost Mobile offerings or even on another MVNO.  Boost Mobile offers plans at essentially the same price points but with much more data making rollover data unnecessary.  Their plans also have the same limitations on download speeds with video streaming also being restricted to 3G speeds.  Boost Mobile offers 4 plans with unlimited talk, text and data and are as follows:

  1. 2 GB LTE (with autopay) $30
  2. 1 GB LTE $35
  3. 5 GB LTE $45
  4. 10 GB LTE $55

Aside from Boost Mobile's plans offering significantly more data than the parent brand Sprint's, Boost's plans do not include roaming, however all Sprint Prepaid plans include 50 minutes of voice roaming.

So has this new Sprint offering peaked your interest or are you like me and find the offer to be rather bland?


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