Sprint Introduces New Family Share Pack- A Mobile Phone Plan For Families

Spring Family Share Pack 4 Lines $100 10 GB per LIne
Spring Family Share Pack 4 Lines $100 10 GB LTE Data Per Line


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Spring Family Share Pack 4 Lines $100 10 GB per LIne
Spring Family Share Pack 4 Lines $100 10 GB LTE Data Per Line

Today Sprint introduced a new family plan which they have entitled Family Share Pack.  Starting July 31st, those families that make the switch over to Sprint network will be able to obtain unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of 4G LTE data for $100/month.  There are no per-line data access charges.

To be eligible for the deal, all phone lines must be ported over from another carrier and remain active on the Sprint plan.  Devices must be acquired via Sprint Easy Pay, lease, by paying full retail price, or through the bring your own Sprint device option.

Sprint is also allowing you to add more data to your plan if you go over the 10 GB at a rate of $20 for an additional 40 GB of shared data which is really cheap, although it's hard to imagine someone needing all of that data on a mobile device.

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Sprint is also offering to pay off your old phone and wireless contract so that you can switch over to their network.  Payment however comes in the form of an American Express rewards card, and it is a limited time offer.

All in all Sprint's new offering seems like a really good deal and is a tough one to beat.  Family plans are currently an area where MVNOs have some wiggle room to try and improve their offerings to better compete against their parent networks.  What do you think of this new offering from Sprint? Does it make you want to sprint over to the Sprint network?

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