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Sprint New iPhone Every Year With Early Upgrade

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Sprint Amends iPhone Every Year Program With Early Upgrade Option

Sprint recently amended their iPhone for Life program, and now you can get a new iPhone every year, but is it worth it for you?  Let's take a closer look at this new policy.

First off, you must purchase an iPhone 6 or 6 plus to be eligible for this program.  Beginning November 14th, at signup you'll have the option for a 12 month or 24 month "lease."  Pricing varies depending on the model and storage capacity you choose.  For $30 a month you can lease the 16 GB iPhone 6, while the 64 GB and 128 GB versions will cost you $35 and $40 a month respectively.  The iPhone 6 Plus costs $5 more per month than it's smaller sibling for each storage capacity.  With Sprint's $50 monthly unlimited everything plan exclusive to the iPhone 6, you'll be paying a minimum of $80 a month for the combined cost of your phone and plan.  With a little bit of math, you can see that the base version of the iPhone will cost you $30 x 24 months, or $720, with an upgrade to the latest iPhone after 12 months.  However, if you're not in need of always having the latest model, you can save yourself a $70 premium as the off contract price for the current base model is $649.  So whether or not the idea of unlimited LTE data and a new iPhone every year is worth the premium price is up to you to decide.  You can certainly save yourself some money though by purchasing an iPhone 5s new via the Apple Store for $549, or grab one for significantly less via eBay and by signing up with an MVNO.

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