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Sprint’s Free For A Year Unlimited Plan Discontinued, New Deals Are Out And You Can Still Get Unlimited Kickstart For $25/Month

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 6, 2019
Sprint's Free Unlimited Plan Offer Is Gone, But Unlimited Kickstart Is Still Available For $25/Month
Sprint's Free Unlimited Plan Offer Is Gone, But Unlimited Kickstart Is Still Available For $25/Month

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Sprint's long-running free for a year unlimited data plan offer has finally ended.  The offer was first made available in June of 2017.  It gave customer's a plan that included unlimited talk, text, and LTE data free for a year minus taxes.  The offer officially ended on April 4, 2019, and representatives from the wireless carrier have informed BestMVNO that it is "gone for good."

Sprint has not replaced the offer with anything in particular.  However, the carrier's $25/month Unlimited Kickstart plan is still available.  To refresh, that gives subscribers unlimited talk, text and LTE data for $25/month.  The plan does come with a few restrictions.  It does not include any mobile hotspot and video streams are limited to a maximum resolution of 480p, gaming streams are limited to 2Mbps, and music streams are limited to 500Kbps.  The plan is only available to customers who bring their own phone to the network or buy one from Sprint. Those who want to take advantage of one of Sprint's lease offers cannot subscribe to this plan, they will need to subscribe to an unlimited plan priced $60 or higher for a single line.

New And Extended Sprint Lease Offers

Sprint has announced a few new phone lease offers.  The new options are as follows:

  •  Get a Samsung Galaxy S9 for $10/month on a Sprint Flex 18-month lease.  Normally priced at $25/month.  Offer scheduled to be available until 7/18/19.
  • Lease a 64GB iPhone X ($37.50/month), 64GB iPhone 8 ($25/month), or 64GB iPhone 8 Plus ($29.17/month) and get a 64GB iPhone 8 lease for free or a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus for $4.17/month, or alternatively, get $450 towards a second iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X.  Scheduled to be available until 5/16/19
  • Get the LG G8 for $15/month on a Sprint Flex 18-month lease.  Scheduled to be available until 4/11/19.
  • Lease an iPhone XR for $15/month.  Scheduled to be available until 5/16/19.
  • Lease an LG V40 ThinQ for $15/month.  Regularly priced at $30/month.  Offer extended until 7/18/19.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 leases are still available and scheduled to last until 7/18/19.  Leases start at $15/month.

Prepaid Mastercard Offers

  • Switch to Sprint and lease the iPhone Xs or Xs Max starting at $41.67/month and get a $150 Prepaid MasterCard. Offers valid until 4/26/19.
  • Switch to Sprint and buy a pre-owned 32GB iPhone 7 for $249.99 or a pre-owned iPhone 7 Plus for $288 and get a $100 Prepaid MasterCard. Offers valid until 7/18/19.

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