RingPlus Adds WiFi Calling


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RingPlus Adds WiFi Calling to Majority of Plans

     RingPlus, an MVNO offering prepaid wireless plans through the Sprint network announced several big changes today.  Every plan will now include roaming capabilities, which is a big deal as not every prepaid provider does. Roaming will cost extra though at a rate of $0.14 per minute and $0.55 MB data.  In addition to roaming capabilities RingPlus has now added the ability to place and receive WiFi calls through the SIP client of your choice.  WiFi calling will be available on all plans except one, and most plans will offer unlimited WiFi calling.
The last change Ringplus announced was that they've added more RingBack radio channels including 3 news, and 30 music.
     RingPlus is a unique MVNO in that they offer extra features that are not found elsewhere, such as an InCall translator.  The InCall translator will allow you to place calls to someone who speaks another language and to have your words translated to the native tongue of the recipient.  Other unique and semi unique features include having your voicemail transcribed and emailed to you, as well as the ability to "Recall."  Recall allows you to record phone calls and to have a transcription of the call emailed to you.  Many of these features are included at no extra cost.    A summary of RingPlus's prepaid plans can be found below.
Summary of RingPlus's Priepaid Plans via RingPlus
 RingPlus Plan Summary

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