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Promotions From Other Carriers Exclusive To Ringplus Customers Needing To Port Out

TPO Mobile RingPlus Promotion Feb 2017
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By now you've likely heard the news that Ringplus has been forced to close down.  You've also probably heard of some the deals that are being offered to those Ringplus customers that are in need of a new phone plan from another Sprint MVNO.  If you have't already ported out yet, here are some of the promotions that you may want to consider.


Every RingPlus customer should know by now, that if you do nothing with your line, you will automatically be transferred over to Ting.  Ting is both a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO that allows its subscribers to custom build their own phone plans.

Ting will be honoring any remaining Ringplus Top Up balance that you have in your account as of February 5th, 2017 if you port over to them.  If you have $35 or less in Top Up balance in your account, Ting will credit your account with $35 before your first bill.  If you have more than $35 in Ringplus Top Up balance, Ting will initially fund your account with $35 in top up credit, and then you'll receive $5 every month in Ting credit until all of your Ringplus Top Up balance has been transferred over.


Cellnuvo is another Sprint MVNO that originally launched roughly a year and a half ago.  Like Ringplus before it, the company does offer a free phone plan.

Those who sign up with the free Infinite Plan, will find themselves with 2500 account credits to start.  Account credits are used to send text messages at a rate of 1 credit per text, talk on the phone at a rate of 10 credits per minute, or use data at a rate of 10 credits per MB.  Subscribers are able to replenish their accounts with free credits and thus keep their service free by taking the following actions:

  1. Take a short survey to earn 75 credits
  2. Send one thank you message to earn 50 credits
  3. View a Top Up Ad to earn 15 credits
  4. Just for using your phone, earn 15 credits

Those that don’t want to take any actions to get free credits can simply fund their account with $10 to receive an additional 2500 credits.

Cellnuvo normally charges a $29 activation fee for service, but RingPlus subscribers can get that fee waived by using promo code RPFree.

TPO Mobile

TPO Mobile is both a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO.  While the company isn't offering a Ringplus exclusive promotion, they are offering new subscribers up to 20% off of select plans for each of your first three months of service.

With the 20% off promotion, new TPO Mobile port ins are eligible for the following:

  • Kind Plan - 500 MB of data, 1000 minutes of talk, unlimited text for $12.80/month for first 3 months, then $16.00 month
  • People's Plan - 1 GB data, unlimited talk and text, $16.80/month for the first 3 months then $21/month
  • Noble Plan - 2 GB data, unlimited talk and text, $22.50/month for the first 3 months then $25/month
  • Caring Plan - 3 GB data, unlimited talk and text, $31.50/month for the first 3 months then $35/month

TPO Mobile's plans do not include taxes and fees which will vary based on where you live.  Prices shown include a $5 auto pay discount.


Tello, much like Ting offers its customers the ability to custom build their own phone plan with no fees whatsoever.  Tello customized phone plans start at just $5/month, and there are no activation fees or any other fees for that matter.  Service with the provider is cheaper than what Ting offers, so if you are considering porting over to Ting, be sure to check Tello out first.

I already covered Tello's promotion for Ringplus subscribers the other day, but I'll briefly mention it again here.

Tello is offering Ringplus subscribers 50% off of their first month of service when they use the promo code RINGPLUS50 at checkout.  If you are a wireless subscriber with low to moderate usage Tello may be the perfect choice for you.

If you've come across any other promotions from a provider offering a discount to Ringplus customers, leave a comment and I'll add it to the article.

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