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Updated: Sprint MVNO Tello Continues To Offer Former RingPlus Subscribers That Port In 50% Off

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Tello Offering Special Offer To Ringplus Customers


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Tello, a company that offers subscribers the ability to custom build their own phone plan with no fees whatsoever, has come out with a special offer for Ringplus subscribers who are in need of a new provider.

Tello is offering 30% 50% off of your first month of service if you are porting from Ringplus a former RingPlus subscriber.  To get the discount, former Ringplus members must port to Tello by February 12th (updated 2/28/17: Tello has extended this offer indefinitely with no end date scheduled),and use the code RINGPLUS RINGPLUS50 during checkout.)(updated 4/20/2017: Tello has now ended this promotion for former RingPlus customers.)

Tello has issued the following press release on the matter, with step by step instructions of how to port over to them.

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RingPlus will soon be shutting down and its customers have to look for a new mobile provider. Tello, another American MVNO running on Sprint, has prepared a special offer meant to welcome RingPlus customers interested in porting in: a 30% 50% discount on their first Tello plan for the first month. The big advantage of Tello plans is that they are custom-made:

In order to get the 30%  50% discount, former RingPlus customers need to order their first plan by February 12th, 2017, only after their service is active with Tello. On the checkout page, they should enter coupon code RINGPLUS50.

The porting process is guaranteed to be easy and friendly, especially since Tello runs on Sprint network, just like RingPlus, so most RingPlus phones will work with Tello and the porting in process will be fast and seamless.

In order to port in their number to Tello, customers need to follow a few easy steps:
1. Get their account number and password from their RingPlus Account Dashboard (when clicking Port-out/Port-in under the Account Features section, customers will find their Port-out Information in the top right-hand corner of the screen);
2. Create an account on;
3. Go to Bring Your Own Phone page and enter their ESN/IMEI/MEID;
4. Former RingPlus customers don’t need a new SIM, because the one they had with RingPlus will work with Tello, too;
5. Enter their phone number (if customers don’t want to keep their old RingPlus phone number, they can get a new one from Tello).

The port in process usually takes 2 working days, but due to the high volume of requests, it may take longer than usual these days. However, Tello’s customer service team is available 24/7 for any questions or issues.

Tello is proud to offer a clean, up-front service with no fees whatsoever. Its plans are fully customziable, as the customers can choose any amount of minutes, texts, and data, including Pay As You Go credit, that can even be used to make international calls. Plans are automatically renewed every 30 days, while Pay As You Go credit never expires.

The national minutes included in plans are also valid for calls to Canada and Mexico. Plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or renewed at any time, for no charge at all. Customers are free to stay as long as they like with Tello, as the service doesn’t involve any contracts. Another perk of the service is free tethering: Tello customers can share data free of charge with other devices.

Be advised that Ringplus is still trying to work out deals with various other MVNO's so that you can transfer your top up balance with them.  So before you port over to Tello to take advantage of their offer, keep an eye on this post to see who Ringplus is partnering with.

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3 years ago

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