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Tello News

Tello Mobile Announces Transition Timeframe To T-Mobile's Network

Tello States When It Will Begin Transition To T-Mobile’s Network, Timeline Should Apply To Other Sprint MVNOs

Joe Paonessa - Oct 10, 2020
If you have been wondering like me when Sprint MVNO’s will begin to switch over to the T-Mobile network, we finally have an answer. Thanks to Sprint MVNO Tello Mobile, there’s now a rough timeline in place. Tello posted a blog article detailing the transition plans. When Will The Transition
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Tello Mobile Has A New Fall Promotion

Tello Mobile’s October 2020 Deal Will Get You 3-Months Of Service For Just $15

Joe Paonessa - Oct 8, 2020
Tello Mobile has launched an October 2020 promotion. New customers or current customers that add a new line will receive up to 50% off their Tello Mobile plan for their first 3-months of service. The BestMVNO headline featured offer includes unlimited everything with the first 1GB of data each month
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Tello Mobile Launches Labor Day 2020 Promo

Tello Mobile’s Labor Day 2020 Sale Is 4GB For $4

Joe Paonessa - Sep 3, 2020
Tello Mobile has launched a Labor Day 2020 sale. New and current customers who subscribe to Tello Mobile can now get Tello’s $19/month plan for just $4 for their first month of wireless service. After the subscriber’s first month of service, the plan will revert back to its regular rate.
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Tello Mobile Launches Back-To-School 2020 Promo

Tello Has Launched A Promo Allowing New Customers To Get 3-Months Of Service For $15

Joe Paonessa - Aug 6, 2020
Tello Mobile has launched a new promo featuring the tagline “Tello, Your Back-To-School Buddy.” The promo will give subscribers a phone plan for $5/month for their first 3-months of wireless service. The plan being offered includes unlimited talk, text, and data, with the first 1GB of data each month available
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Tello's 4th Of July SALE-A-Bration Offer Is 4 For Any Phone Plan

Tello’s 4th Of July Sale Is $4 For Any Phone Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jun 30, 2020
Another holiday is approaching and that means Tello Mobile has a new phone plan sale to celebrate it. Tello is marketing the promo as being a SALE-A-Bration. New subscribers can now get any plan for just $4. The offer is scheduled to be available until July 6th. Phone Plan Options
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Tello Mobile Father's Day 2020 Plan Promo

Tello Mobile’s Father’s Day Sale Is $39 Unlimited Plan For $14

Joe Paonessa - Jun 10, 2020
Tello Mobile launched a new promo today. The offer is being billed as “unlimited everything for dad at just $14/month.” That make makes it a Father’s Day plan sale. To celebrate the holiday, Tello is offering its most expensive unlimited plan for more than half off. The plan is regularly
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Tello Mobile Offering $15 Account Credit To New Subscribers

Tello Hits 100k Subscribers, Offers New Customers $15 Account Credit To Celebrate 4 Year Anniversary

Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2020
Tello Mobile has reached a new milestone. The Sprint MVNO announced in a blog post that it has crossed the 100,000 active subscriber threshold. The announcement comes at a time when Tello is celebrating its 4 year anniversary. To celebrate its anniversary the company is offering all new subscribers a
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Tello Mobile Responds To COVID-19 Pandemic With Double Data And Talk Offer

Tello Mobile’s COVID-19 Response Gives All Subscribers Double Data And Talk

Joe Paonessa - Mar 31, 2020
Tello Mobile launched a new offer today to help those out impacted by COVID-19.  Through May 29, 2020, all new and current Tello Mobile subscribers will get double data and talk with their plans at no additional cost.  The increased talk and data allotments are available immediately. Tello Mobile allows
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Tello Mobile Offering Virgin Mobile Customers Half Off To Switch

Tello Mobile Offering 50% Off All Plans To Virgin Mobile Subscribers Who Make The Switch

Joe Paonessa - Jan 29, 2020
A few weeks ago it was announced that Virgin Mobile would be shutting down and subscribers would be migrated to Boost Mobile. Typically when a provider shuts down we see a lot of special offers from other MVNOs looking to acquire the customers of the MVNO or provider that’s exiting
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Tello Mobile Adds New Unlimited 25GB 4G LTE Data Plan

Tello Mobile Doubles Data On $39 Plan To Include 25GB Of 4G LTE Data

Joe Paonessa - Jan 7, 2020
Tello Mobile updated its wireless plans today.  The Sprint powered MVNO has a new “unlimited plan” option.  Tello defines unlimited as being 25GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds.  I’m not sure why Tello is referring to this new plan option as unlimited,
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Tello Mobile Offering Multi-Month Discount Plan

Get A 6-Month Plan From Tello With 2GB Of Monthly LTE Data For $29.40

Joe Paonessa - Nov 28, 2019
Tello Mobile is the latest provider to test the multi-month plan waters.  Through Stack Social, new customers can get a 6-month plan that features unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 2GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds for just
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Tello Mobile Offering Double Referral Credits To Current Customers

Tello Mobile Is Doubling Referral Credits To $20 For A Limited Time

Joe Paonessa - Nov 12, 2019
For a limited time, Tello Mobile is doubling the amount of referral credits that customers will receive for recruiting new subscribers to their network.  Instead of the regular rate of $10, customers will now receive $20 in Tello dollars for their efforts.  The increased rate is scheduled to be in
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Tello Mobile Halloween 2019 Sale Get Any Phone Plan For $5

Tello Mobile Offering Any Phone Plan For $5 Including Unlimited Plan With 12GB Data

Joe Paonessa - Oct 29, 2019
Tello Mobile has launched a new limited-time promotion.  The Sprint MVNO put out a blog post today detailing the offer.  New subscribers can now signup for any Tello Mobile phone plan for just $5.  After the first month of service, whatever plan a customer subscribes to at signup will be
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Tello Offering Free Account Credit To New Subscribers

Tello Offering $19 Account Credit To Port-Ins

Joe Paonessa - Oct 17, 2019
Tello Mobile has just launched a new promotion with the tagline “leaves are falling, savings are calling.”  Customers that port-in and activate on a Tello plan costing $19 or higher will get a free $19 account credit. Promo Details And Eligibility Requirements This offer is for new Tello customers only. 
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Tello Mobile Launches Promo Plan With 25GB Of LTE Data

New Tello Promo Offers 25GB LTE Data For $39/Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 27, 2019
Tello Mobile has just launched a promotion. New subscribers can now pick up an unlimited talk, text, and data plan with the first 25GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds for $39/month.  The plan normally comes with 12GB of data. Offer Fine Print This offer is for
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