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Tello Mobile Introduces Data Top-Ups

Tello Mobile Officially Launches Data Top-Ups & Purchases By SMS

Joe Paonessa - Feb 21, 2024
Tello Mobile announced today they have officially launched data top-ups. Subscribers who exhaust their high-speed data during their billing cycles can now add an additional 1GB of high-speed data to their plans for $5. Data top-ups can be added to any Tello plan that includes high-speed data, but not to
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Tello Mobile Lowers Prices Adds 35GB Flagship Unlimited Plan

Tello Mobile Lowers Prices, Adds More Data To Plans, Get 35GB For $25

Joe Paonessa - Dec 4, 2023
Tello Mobile updated its wireless plans today. Virtually all unlimited talk and text plans now come with lower pricing and significantly more high-speed data. Tello Mobile’s flagship plan now costs $25/month and comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 35GB of data available at up to 5G
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Tello Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deals

Tello Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deals, One Month Discounts On Two Plans

Joe Paonessa - Nov 15, 2023
Tello Mobile has launched its Black Friday 2023 offers. The T-Mobile powered MVNO has discounted its 1GB and 2GB plans. The 1GB plan is available for $6 and the 2GB plan for $8 for new customers and new lines only. The discount is for the first month of service, then
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Tello Mobile Halloween 2023 Plan Sale

Tello Flash Sale Offers Discounts To New Customers On 2GB & 5GB Plans

Joe Paonessa - Oct 24, 2023
Tello Mobile is offering a discount to new customers on a couple of its phone plans. Their 2GB plan is available for $10 marked down from $14. The company’s 5GB plan has been discounted down to $15. It’s regularly priced at $19. The discounts are only available for the customer’s
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Tello Offering Four Dollars Off Many Plans

Tello Mobile Offering $4 Off Your First Month For Several Plans, Get 25GB For $25

Joe Paonessa - Apr 5, 2023
Tello Mobile has launched another limited-time promotion offering new lines and new customers $4 off most plans for their first month. This is a step back from the 50% off promo Tello provided last month. The $4 off promo is valid with full-service phone plans as well as data-only plans.
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Tello Mobile Fifty Percent Off Flash Sale March 2023

Tello Mobile Offering 50% Off Any Plan Above $10

Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2023
Tello Mobile has just launched a flash sale. The prepaid provider is offering new customers and new lines 50% off for their first month of service. That means you can get a 30-day plan with 5GB of high-speed data to try out for $9.50 before the plan goes back to
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Tello Mobile October 2022 Bundle Deals

Tello Mobile Offering “Sweet October” Plan & Phone Bundle Deals

Joe Paonessa - Oct 10, 2022
Tello Mobile has launched three phone and plan bundle deals for the month of October. Tello is referring to the offers as “Sweet October Deals.” The T-Mobile powered MVNO is offering its 5GB phone plan free for one month with the purchase of a phone. The following phone with plan
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Tello Mobile's Flagship Plan With 25GB Data Now Costs $29

Tello Mobile Updates Plans, Get 25GB For $29

Joe Paonessa - May 23, 2022
Tello Mobile has updated its wireless plans. Tello’s flagship wireless plan now costs just $29 and that gets you a whopping 25GB of high-speed 5G/4G LTE data before data speeds are throttled to 2G or about 64Kbps. It also includes unlimited talk and text and free calling to over 60
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Tello February 2022 50 Percent Off Sale

Tello’s Big 50% Off Wireless Plans Sale Only Lasts A Few More Days.

Stephen Vicinanza - Feb 25, 2022
Tello is showing some love to new subscribers. The T-Mobile powered MVNO continues to offer 50% off its best selling plans, an offer that it has been running since Valentine’s Day.  The 50% off deal is valid for the first month of service, for new customers and new lines, for
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Tello Brings Back 25% Off For 6 Months Promo

Tello Brings Back 25% Off Any Plan For 6-Months

Joe Paonessa - Jan 13, 2022
Back in June of 2021, Tello ran a promo that offered new customers 25% off for their first 6-months of service on any plan. It was one of their more successful promos, and so they’ve opted to bring it back. Through January 31, 2022, new lines and new customers will
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Tello Mobile Offering 50 Percent Off For The Holiday 2021 Season

Tello Mobile’s Holiday 2021 Promo Will Get You 50% Off, Get 25GB For $19.50

Joe Paonessa - Nov 24, 2021
Tello Mobile has announced its holiday 2021 promo. New customers and new lines of service will get 50% off any Tello Mobile plan that costs $10 or more. Eligible Plans And Promo Fine Print Tello’s 50% off promo starts on November 25th and will last until December 7th. Update: The
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Tello Offering 25% Off All Plans For Your First 6-Months Of Service

Tello Offering 25% Off Any Plan For 6 Months, Get 4GB For $14.30/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jun 10, 2021
Tello Mobile has just launched what it calls a summer sale. New customers can get 25% off any Tello plan for their first 6-months of wireless service. That means qualifying customers can get a plan with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 4GB of data available each month
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Tello Adds More International Calling Countries

Tello Mobile Quietly Adds More International Calling Countries

Joe Paonessa - May 25, 2021
Tello Mobile has quietly updated its wireless plans to include more international calling countries. Tello customers can now call more than 60 countries at no additional charge. Plans with unlimited domestic minutes also get unlimited international calling. Plans that have a finite number of domestic calling minutes can use all
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Tello Mobile Celebrates 5 Years In Business With BOGO Sale

Tello Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With BOGO Sale

Joe Paonessa - May 11, 2021
Tello Mobile just reached a milestone celebrating 5-years in business. The company was founded in 2015 and officially launched wireless service in 2016. As part of the milestone, the MVNO has launched a couple of promotions. There’s a buy one month get one month free offer and an offer of
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Tello Lacks Support For 5G And Other iOS Features On New GSM Partner Network

Tello Lacks 5G Support On iPhones, Signals Potentially Larger Problem Ignored By Regulators

Joe Paonessa - Mar 23, 2021
Towards the end of 2020, then Sprint MVNO Tello Mobile announced its transition timeline to convert over to the T-Mobile network. It was due to happen the week of November 22nd. Unfortunately, the week came and went without changeover. A Tello Mobile representative shortly thereafter confirmed to me that the
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