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Tello Mobile Lowers Prices, Adds More Data To Plans, Get 35GB For $25

Tello Mobile Lowers Prices Adds 35GB Flagship Unlimited Plan
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Tello Mobile updated its wireless plans today. Virtually all unlimited talk and text plans now come with lower pricing and significantly more high-speed data. Tello Mobile's flagship plan now costs $25/month and comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 35GB of data available at up to 5G data speeds before throttling. The provider's previous flagship plan included unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 25GB available at up to 5G data speeds before throttling for $29/month. The data increase and price drop aren't the only things to change with the flagship plan. It now comes with throttled data speeds of 256Kbps. Previously, data speeds were throttled to 128Kbps.

Tello's plan updates may not be considered a win-win for all though. All plans with less than 35GB of data no longer include any throttled data. The plans are all now hard-capped. However, Tello seems to have added a new feature. Customers can now top up their data allotments if they run out of high-speed data.

Their FAQs state:

"If you've run out of high-speed data, you can always add more data to your plan by purchasing a Data Add-On from your online account. A Data Add-On is a 1GB data top-up, that you can add to your current plan. Regardless of the date when the Data Add-On was purchased, it will expire on the same day as your current billing cycle. This option will only be visible in your account when your data usage drops below a certain amount."

Tello doesn't explicitly state what the cost is for the Data Add-On, but I'd imagine it to be $5 for 1GB given you can buy a 1GB plan from them with no talk for $5/month. Previously Tello did not offer top-ups, customers had to either renew their plan early, switch to another plan, or buy a pay-go credit to get more data.

Tello's Updated Plans Highlighted

Tello offers a variety of customizable plans. Customers can choose plans with data and no talk, talk but no data, and plans with a limited amount of minutes and data. For simplicities sake, we're going to take a look at the changes they made to their plans that include unlimited talk and text. And here they are!

  • 0GB - $8/month, no change
  • 1GB - $9/month, previously $10/month
  • 2GB - $10/month, previously $14/month
  • 5GB - $14/month, previously $19/month
  • 10GB - $19/month, previously $24/month
  • 15GB - $24/month, NEW OFFERING
  • 35GB - $25/month, previously 25GB at $29/month

Taxes and fees cost extra with each plan. Customers can use all of their plan's data for mobile hotspot if they'd like with the exception of the 35GB plan. Only 5GB of data can be used for hotspot with that plan. All plans described include free international calling and texting to over 60 countries.

Tello Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO. The company launched wireless service in 2015. In 2020, Tello announced it had amassed 100k subscribers.

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