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Tello Mobile Updates Plans, Get 25GB For $29

Tello Mobile's Flagship Plan With 25GB Data Now Costs $29
Tello Mobile's Flagship Plan With 25GB Data Now Costs $29
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Tello Mobile has updated its wireless plans. Tello's flagship wireless plan now costs just $29 and that gets you a whopping 25GB of high-speed 5G/4G LTE data before data speeds are throttled to 2G or about 64Kbps. It also includes unlimited talk and text and free calling to over 60 countries. Previously Tello charged $39 for this plan and a plan at the $29 price point had just 8GB of high-speed data. Tello no longer offers a plan with 8GB of data. These aren't the only plan changes from Tello today. Several other plans have also been improved.

Tello Mobile's Plan Changes Highlighted

Aside from the change to the 25GB plan, Tello has improved several other plans. Its $19 plan now has 5GB of high-speed data before throttling to 2G data speeds. Previously, the plan had 4GB. Tello's $24 plan now has 10GB of high-speed data. It got an upgrade from 6GB. Both plans also include unlimited talk and text and international calling to over 60 countries.

Tello Mobile allows its subscribers to custom build their own plans. So there are also plan options available that include a limited number of minutes and even ones with no minutes at all and also plans with no data. Some of the data containing plan options have also changed. Highlights include that customers can now get a plan with 5GB of high-speed data and 100 minutes (includes international calling) for just $16. This is the same price point as before, except 4GB of data was included.

Customers that don't need any minutes with their plans can get 5GB for $15 and 10GB for $20. Previously 4GB and 6GB of data were available at those price points. Tello's flagship data allotment with 25GB is only available with unlimited talk and text for $29. It is the only data allotment that Tello does not allow its customers to custom-build a plan around. It should also be noted that Tello calls this plan on its website an "Unlimited Data" plan. The MVNO refers to all its other plan options by their data allotments.

Tello has always offered great value to consumers. With the latest pricing changes, that value has gone up even more. Tello Mobile is an MVNO of T-Mobile and thus uses the T-Mobile network for coverage. Tello now offers the cheapest plan available where you can get 25GB of high-speed data with a monthly payment plan on the T-Mobile network.

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