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Tello Mobile Offering $4 Off Your First Month For Several Plans, Get 25GB For $25

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 5, 2023
Tello Offering Four Dollars Off Many Plans

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Tello Mobile has launched another limited-time promotion offering new lines and new customers $4 off most plans for their first month. This is a step back from the 50% off promo Tello provided last month.

The $4 off promo is valid with full-service phone plans as well as data-only plans. It is scheduled to be available at least until 4/11/23. Here are the available disocunted plan options:

Tello Mobile Discounted Data Only Plan Options

  • 10GB - $16 first month, then $20/mo
  • 25GB - $25 first month, then $29/mo

Discounted Phone Plan Options

  • 5GB & unlimited talk and text - $15 first month, then $19/mo
  • 10GB & 100 min, unlimited text - $17 first month, then $21/mo
  • 10GB & 300 min, unlimited text - $18 first month, then $22/mo
  • 10GB & 500 min, unlimited text - $19 first month, then $23/mo
  • 10GB & unlimited talk and text - $20 first month, then $24/mo

All plan options with 25GB of data, regardless of if you add any minutes or not cost the same at $25 for the first month and then $29 every month thereafter.

Subscribers on a plan that includes talk will get calling to over 60 countries at no additional charge. Data is unlimited on every plan, however, data speeds are reduced to the equivalent of 2G data speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle once the plan's high-speed allotment has been reached. All plans with data include mobile hotspot that draws from the plan's full high-speed data allotment. Customers can use all of their data for mobile hotspot if they so choose. The only exception is the 25GB plan. The 25GB plan only allows for 5GB of data to be used at full speed for mobile hotspot. After that, hotspot data speeds are reduced, likely to the equivalent of 2G data speeds, for the remainder of the billing cycle.

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Customers interested in this promo with a supported device can activate service instantly with the use of an eSIM.

Tello Mobile is an online-only brand that operates as a T-Mobile MVNO. The company originally launched as a Sprint MVNO in the spring of 2016.

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