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RingPlus Announces Thanksgiving Plans Ranging In Price From Free With Top Ups To $39.99

RingPlus Announces Thanksgiving 2016 Plans
RingPlus Announces Thanksgiving 2016 Plans


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RingPlus has announced its latest promotions and they are currently running until November 28, 2016 at 11:00 PM PST.  The plans are open to new activations and are also available as upgrade options to current members.

The plans being offered are as follows:

RingPlus Thanksgiving Promotional Plans

Unl = unlimited
NA= not available

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Plan PriceTop Up/Top Up Min Minutes/VoIP MinSMS/MMSMB High SpeedOveragesTethering
Mad Pops Free $5/$2 100/100 100/100 100 $0.10 Free
Mad PlumFree$20/$5200/300 500/5001000  $0.10Free
Mad Fairy$2.99$5/$2300/NA 300/300500  $0.05Free
Mad Mickey$4.99$5/$2 500/NA 500/500500   $0.05Free
Mad Jolly$9.99$5/$2 Unl/Unl  Unl/Unl1,000   $0.05$3.99
Mad Ham$15.99$0/$0  Unl/Unl Unl/Unl1,000 + Unl 2G $0$3.99
Mad Festive$17.99$5/$2  Unl/Unl Unl/Unl 2,000  $0.05$3.99
Mad Dickens$24.99 $0/$0  Unl/Unl Unl/Unl2,000 + Unl 2G$0$3.99
Mad Merry$29.99 $0/$0  Unl/Unl Unl/Unl5,000 + Unl 2G$0$3.99
Mad Special$39.99 $0/$0  Unl/Unl Unl/Unl10,000 + Unl 2G$0$3.99

Promotional Plan Add Ons

Data Add Ons Price Duration
 1 GB $14.99Expires and auto renews after 3 months, paid from top up balance
2 GB $24.99Expires and auto renews after 3 months, paid from top up balance
4 GB $39.99Expires and auto renews after 3 months, paid from top up balance
8 GB $74.99Expires and auto renews after 3 months, paid from top up balance
Member+ Data Add Ons
 1.25 GB FreeExpires and auto renews after 6 months, paid from top up balance
1 GB $11.99Expires and auto renews after 6 months, paid from top up balance
2 GB $19.99Expires and auto renews after 6 months, paid from top up balance
4 GB $34.99Expires and auto renews after 6 months, paid from top up balance
8 GB $69.99Expires and auto renews after 6 months, paid from top up balance


Prices listed do not include taxes and fees which may vary based on your location. Ringplus says those that signup for a free plan will be required to install a Smart and/or VoIP dialer application when it becomes available. Those on a paid plan will not have the same requirement, but they can still install the dialer for enhanced features.


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Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
4 years ago

Forgot two points. All free Mad plans will require the use of the dialer once they become available; something they hinted wouldn’t happen – no surprise there. Two, Voice Mail will cost if you want to have it. They have hemmed and hawed if the cost if permanent, only going to be permanent for free Mad plans, or something else. We will forgo Voice Mail if it’s permanently going to cost to have it. They insinuated a Voice Mail app from a third party vendor should work.

Wish I could say I was surprised, but several of us tried sounding the warning bells and were brushed off. Karl needs to make it right and not by offering much less than what we had or requiring us to pay much more to get close to what we had.

I sense a lot of FCC and FTC complaints and we will find out if a court will throw General Rule 24 out the window soon enough.

Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
4 years ago

Latest update. All non-Mad plans going away, starting December 1st or when your next billing cycle hits, whichever is later with January 1st being the final date.

No word about Mad plans with Surfing in the title. Those may be on the chopping block, but it’s still up in the air. I have a friend I added on a Mad Surfing Brisket and she uses almost 4K texts/billing cycle. She can’t afford the cheapest unlimited text plan @ $9.99, but there is enough top-up balance for me to cover it for maybe 4-5 months. After RingPlus saying not once, but twice, people wouldn’t lose existing plans and have them later change their minds both times, I am not too confident the Surfing plans will stay.

For me, the Bright Cut plan I was paying $2.50/billing cycle for unlimited talk is now going to cost me $9.99 which isn’t worth it since I can’t trust they won’t change it again.

Simply put, RingPlus offered more than it could deliver with outrageous data allowances, did numerous mess-ups in the last year to guarantee they wouldn’t reach 500,000 and actually lost customers because of these mess-ups. Had they been more upfront and offered sustainable data allowances, they wouldn’t be jacking people up now.

Thankfully, only three of our plans are on the chopping block; two if Surfing doesn’t go away. One will be axed because it’s not worth what they are wanting to save it; the second will be a huge downgraded from unlimited Talk and Text to 300 or less, depending on how I work it. I plan on keeping my friend on an unlimited plan although I may have to fork out $9.99/billing cycle to cover it and have to monitor her data usage and cut data off if she gets anywhere near the 2/3 mark to avoid overages. Shame they aren’t honoring the keeping plans pledge or at least offering comparable plans. Having to go from $2.50 to $9.99 for the same amount of Talk and Text is not comparable.

Amazing how the shills and moderators were reassuring us about keeping the other plans with no second wave to happen. No doubt they will throw out the “things changed” mantra used when people were axed in round 1. Haven’t followed it on SlickDeals, but I don’t see it being welcome news there, nor much of a shock to long-term followers of RingPlus.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith
4 years ago

While the ending date says November 28, RingPlus has a bad habit of closing plans early if they reach whatever goal they set for a particular plan. If you want one of the five cheap plans ($9.99 or less), best to grab it ASAP to avoid missing out. They also mentioned Truly Free plans are no more which means you will need a credit or debit card on file and you will have to pay some sort or Top-up, be it manual or auto. For practical purposes, Truly Free had mostly disappeared once they instituted the 30-day limit on them.

Karl is supposed to make an announcement sometime tomorrow with more details on various things. Given his last Q&A included numerous assurances existing Legacy plans weren’t going to be touched, only to find out several weeks later that 16 were getting chopped, many are less than trusting of any new assurances about the other Legacy plans being safe. I switched several friends to downgraded plans in anticipation chops would happen shortly after the Q&A. Sadly, I wasn’t wrong and two friends have been chopped. One still may be as they won’t pay for an upgrade and I am debating losing the line since it doesn’t have Top-up money on it and I would have to fork over $20-25
to keep it if I don’t downgrade it to the cheapest paid line.