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RingPlus Mad Daily Cent Promotion


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RingPlus is launching two new Mad Promotions starting at 9 PM PST on December 5th, 2016 and lasting until 9 PM PST on December 6th.  The plans are billed per day and per use.

Mad Daily Cent

The mad daily cent plan costs 1 cent per day to maintain, as well as 1 cent per minute, text, MMS or MB of full speed data.  An auto top up of $9.99 plus tax is required for the plan.

Add ons may be purchased priced at 1 cent per day for voicemail in either English or Spanish, and 1 cent per day for three way calling, and call waiting.  Tethering is included.

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Mad One Quarter Plan

The Mad Daily One Quarter Plan costs 25 cents per day (approximately $7.50/month) and it includes unlimited data with variable speeds, unlimited text and MMS picture messaging.  Voice is charged at a rate of 10 cents per minute.

The purchase of an add on is required in order to use this plan.  A minimum top up balance of 5 cents is required and the plans auto top up charge is $5 plus tax.

Add Ons

These add ons auto renew, and data lasts for 3 months

  • 1 GB LTE data, $14.99
  • 2 GB LTE data, $24.99
  • 4 GB LTE data, $39.99
  • 8 GB LTE data, $74.99

Member+ Add Ons

These add ons auto renew and last for 6 months

  • 1.25 GB LTE data, $0
  • 1 GB LTE data, $11.99
  • 2 GB LTE data, $19.99
  • 4 GB LTE data, $34.99
  • 8 GB LTE data, $69.99

Additional add ons can be purchased billed at 1 cent per day for either/or 1) voicemail in English or Spanish, 2) three way calling and call waiting, 3) tethering.

No matter which plan you choose, bring your own device is supported.

Both plans seem best suited for low use subscribers, and/or those who don't talk on their phone a lot.

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Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart

No word on if these plans count as paid plans or free plans that require making successful outgoing calls every 60 days. They released two plans without explanation. Mad Upside Down Banana and MAD Free Building Block. Banana is only available to new activations or people on Truly Free, Holding Plan, or something similar. In typical RingPlus fashion, more questions than answers. Is Banana going to cost $3.99/regular billing cycle (30 days) or every 14 days? In one place, it says $3.99/month and in another place, it says $3.99/14 days. If that’s not bad enough, parts of the plan has… Read more »

Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart

Two updates: they still haven’t came out with an official response, but they did change the plan to $3.99/14 days in the two places it was showing /month. The plan is still only for new activations or those with Truly Free or Holding Plan lines. The second update is the addition of a new weekly plan that is available to anyone. Mad Banana Split comes with a free week trial. It does have $20 Auto Top-up if your balance is $5 or less and you can switch to Mad Free Building Block if you don’t like the plan. Most interesting… Read more »