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RingPlus News


RingPlus Announces Mad BBQ Final Cut Family Plan: Features Unlimited Everything, 4 Lines $49.92

Joe Paonessa - Sep 12, 2016
RingPlus’s latest promotion is one geared to families and it will go live for new activations today, September 12th at 8 AM PST and last until 7 PM PST.  Current RingPlus subscribers will have the option to upgrade to this plan today from 7 PM PST until sold out.  Member+ subscribers
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RingPlus Labor Day 2016 Promotions

RingPlus Announces Labor Day 2016 Promos

Joe Paonessa - Sep 3, 2016
RingPlus has announced their Labor Day promotions which consist of bringing back three of their best performing previous promotions, as well as a new exclusive 4th paid plan. An advanced opening for the promotion has already run its course, however the Grand Opening for the promotions do in fact run
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RingPlus Sunday Promotion August 28 2016

RingPlus Announces Two New Promotional Plans With Up To 6 GB Of Free Monthly Data

Joe Paonessa - Aug 28, 2016
RingPlus has come out with 2 new promotional cell phone plans.  Start time for plan registration is today, August 28th, 2016 at 4 PM PST and lasts until 7 PM PST.  Upgrade options for current subscribers will begin at 7 PM PST today and last until sold out.  The plans
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RingPlus BLT Free Plan

RingPlus Reopens BLT Free Plan: Features 4750 Talk, Text And MB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Aug 23, 2016
Today, Tuesday August 23, 2016 between 6:30-9:00 PM Pacific RingPlus is reopening the BLT Free Plan. The plan will be available for new subscribers, and based on how many new subscribers there are, an equal number of openings will become available tomorrow as a paid upgrade for current subscribers.  Upgrades for
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RingPlus Mad Fert Cut In Half Promo

RingPlus Promotion: Mad Fert Plan Price Cut In Half, Featuring 500 MB Of 4G LTE Data For $2.50/Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 17, 2016
RingPlus’s latest promotion is a discount on one of its “Mad Plans.”  Mad Plans differ from other RingPlus plans in that calls are directly routed over Sprint’s network as opposed to being first routed over RingPlus’s servers. The latest promotion will run today, August 17th, between the hours of 5
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RingPlus Curie Free Cell Phone Plan

RingPlus Announces Latest Promotion, Curie Free Plan, Features 2.75 GB Of Free Data Each Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 7, 2016
Sprint MVNO RingPlus has announced it’s latest promotional free cell phone plan, dubbed the Curie Free Plan. The plan opens today, August 7th, at 10 am PST and lasts until 9 pm PST, and it will be available as an upgrade option for current members for a $15 fee ($5
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RingPlus Bring It Over 2 Free Plan Promotion

RingPlus Announces Bring It Over 2 Free Plan, Features 2.5 GB LTE Data, 2500 Minutes And Texts

Joe Paonessa - Aug 1, 2016
On August 1st and August 2nd between the hours of 7 PM PST and 10 PM PST the latest RingPlus promotion launches.  The promotion is for new lines of activation only, with upgrades for Member+ subscribers allowed. Bring It Over 2 Free Plan The Bring It Over 2 Free Plan features
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RingPlus McDonald Plan

The Latest RingPlus Plan Is For Data Only Devices Featuring 1 GB Data For $8.99/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jul 20, 2016
RingPlus’s newest cell phone plan is called the McDonald plan and it will become available today, Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 at 5 PM PST.  The plan is available for data only devices. McDonald Plan The Mcdonald Plan will feature 1GB of data for data only devices priced at $8.99/month.  An auto
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RingPlus’s Latest Promotional Free Plan “Chamberlain” Features 1500 SMS, MMS, And MB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Jul 14, 2016
RingPlus’s latest promotional plan will open Thursday, July 14 at 7 PM PST and last until 9 PM PST.  The plan will reopen on Friday, July 15 at 7 PM PST and Iast until 9 PM PST.  New Member+ subscribers only, will get an additional chance to signup between Saturday,
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RingPlus Announces New Plans That Route Directly Through The Sprint Network Without RingPlus Radio, Ads, ETC

Joe Paonessa - Jul 12, 2016
RingPlus has announced that they are offering new cell phone plans that route directly through the Sprint network as opposed to first routing through RingPlus servers.  The new plans will come without RingPlus Radio, Ads, and in call apps such as the translator app. With direct routing through the Sprint
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RingPlus Pay As You Go Millikan Promotion

RingPlus Announces Tethering Options, And New Pay As You Go Plan Promotion

Joe Paonessa - Jul 6, 2016
Starting on Thursday, July 7th 2016 at 1 PM PST, and lasting until Sunday, July 10th at 2016 PST, RingPlus will be offering tethering option specials for any currently offered plan as well as a new pay as you go plan. Tethering Options RingPlus will be offering two tethering options
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RingPlus Logo

RingPlus Revamps Plan Lineup With Less Plans, All Plans Now Include MMS

Joe Paonessa - Jul 3, 2016
RingPlus hasn’t run any new cell phone plan promotions in a couple of weeks.  Perhaps this is because the Sprint MVNO was busy changing its plan lineup around in a big way. RingPlus has reduced the number of its paid, or premium monthly plan count from 9 plans to 3!
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RingPlus 4th of July Add On Sale

RingPlus 4th Of July Sale Offers Plan Add On Discounts

Joe Paonessa - Jul 2, 2016
RingPlus has yet to announce any special plan promotions for the 4th of July, and in fact the Sprint MVNO has been rather quite as of late in regards to announcing new promotional plans.  RingPlus has instead opted to announce discounted pricing for Add ons through Wednesday July 6th, 2016
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RingPlus Surfing 6 Free Plan

RingPlus Surfing Free Plan 6.0 Features 3750 Talk, Text And MB Of Data With 200 MMS

Joe Paonessa - Jun 19, 2016
RingPlus is launching its latest beta test research program today entitled Surfing 6.0 and it will run from 5 PM PST until 7 PM PST.  The plan will also reopen on Monday, June 20, 2016 with the exact same hours. The Surfing 6.0 Free Plan is only open to new
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RingPlus $30,000 Dollar Giveaway

RingPlus Surpasses 100,000 Subscribers Announces $30,000 Giveaway And Free International Calling

Joe Paonessa - Jun 11, 2016
RingPlus grew by over 1820% just last month, and now the company is set to surpass 100,000 subscribers.  To celebrate, the Sprint MVNO is adding free international calling to its VoIP service (FluidCall), additionally, the company is running a giveaway program where subscribers can win up to $30,000 every month. International
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