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RingPlus Announces Labor Day 2016 Promos

RingPlus Labor Day 2016 Promotions
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RingPlus has announced their Labor Day promotions which consist of bringing back three of their best performing previous promotions, as well as a new exclusive 4th paid plan.

An advanced opening for the promotion has already run its course, however the Grand Opening for the promotions do in fact run on Labor Day, Monday, September 5th, 2016 from the hours of 9 AM PST until 10 PM PST or until all plans are sold out.

During the aforementioned hours, new registrations will be allowed, however upgrades will only be allowed during the hours of 5 PM PST through 10 PM PST.  On Tuesday, September 6th, RingPlus will allow upgrades by invitation only.  Upgrades will be limited to the number of new plan signups that there are.  Member+ subscribers can actually upgrade to all but one of the promotional plans now, and will have until Tuesday September 6th at 8 AM PST to do so.

Labor Day Plan Promotions

  1. RingPlus is bringing back the Surfing Reuben plan which in brief features unlimited talk, text, MMS, and LTE data with a plan cost that starts off at $38 before dropping down to $0 by the fifth month of service.
  2. The Mad Surfing BBQ Brisket Plan has also been resurrected which in brief features up to 6,000 minutes, texts, MMS, and MB of 4G LTE data and is directly routed through the Sprint network
  3. The RingPlus BLT Plan is also back, and it is offers essentially the same features as the Mad Surfing BBQ Brisket Plan although it is not directly routed through the Sprint network.
  4. A new Plan! Ringplus has announced the Mad BBQ Plus Plan

Mad BBQ Plus Plan

The Mad BBQ Plus Plan features unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5 GB at full speed.  Tethering is also included.  The plan is directly routed through Sprint's network and charges are billed directly to your credit card, without a plan top up.  Family discounts are being offered with the plan, and the plan per line charges are as follows:

  • Line 1, $39.99/month
  • Line 2, $29.99
  • Line 3, $19.99
  • Line 4, $9.99.

Combined pricing for a family or group of 4 friends is $99.96.  If these plans interest you, be sure to head over to RingPlus during the promotional times.

If you're not subscribed to the BestMVNO RingPlus promotional notification service here's a list of previous RingPlus promotions that you may have missed out on.

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