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RingPlus Announces Two New Promotional Plans With Up To 6 GB Of Free Monthly Data

RingPlus Sunday Promotion August 28 2016
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RingPlus has come out with 2 new promotional cell phone plans.  Start time for plan registration is today, August 28th, 2016 at 4 PM PST and lasts until 7 PM PST.  Upgrade options for current subscribers will begin at 7 PM PST today and last until sold out.  The plans are structured a bit different than the normal promotional plans.  Read on to see how.

1) RingPlus Surfing Reuben Plan

The RingPlus Surfing Reuben Plan features unlimited talk, text, MMS, and LTE data with an eventual cost of $0/month.  Signing up for the plan will require you to pay a decreasing amount each month until the plan costs $0/month.  Plan pricing will be structured as follows:

  • 1st month - $38
  • 2nd month - $30.40
  • 3rd month - $22.80
  • 4th month - $15.20
  • 5th month - $7.60
  • 6th month through life - $0

The Surfing Reuben plan is actually a beta testing plan.  Those that subscribe to the plan agree to participate in the testing, which means subscribers will be subjected to data stream sponsorships (advertisements), data compression and speed variations.  This means in part that the plan will function like some of T-Mobile's and Sprint's unlimited plans do, with video streams at times limited to a lower set resolution, and perhaps audio too.  RingPlus will also insert advertising into some of your internet searches.  The goal of this testing is for RingPlus to be able to offer more free and unlimited data to subscribers in the future.

2) RingPlus Mad Surfing BBQ Brisket Free Plan

The RingPlus Mad Surfing BBQ Brisket Free Plan is another beta test plan and it will feature growing monthly talk, text and data allotments.  The BBQ Brisket plan will get calls routed directly through Sprint's network and will bypass RingPlus's servers.  Like the Reuben plan, RingPlus will also test out data optimization with things like video compression and data stream sponsorships among other things.

Initially the plan will feature 4,750 units of talk, text, MMS, and MB of data.  Over the course of the next 5 months after signup, an additional allotment of 250 units will be added to each service feature topping out at 6,000 units of monthly talk, text, MMS and MB of data.

A $38 top up is required at signup and again if at any time your account balance ever reaches $0 to cover any overages you may incur while you are on the plan.  Overages are priced at 5¢ per unit of talk, text and MMS, however data overages are priced at $15 per GB.

Tethering is available as an add on for $1.99/month.

This plan will be available as an upgrade option starting at 7 PM PST today.  For regular subscribers a $25 upgrade fee will be charged to your account and added to your existing top up to fulfill the plans top up requirement.  Member+ subscribers can upgrade by paying just a $10 upgrade fee.


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