RingPlus 4th of July Add On Sale


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RingPlus has yet to announce any special plan promotions for the 4th of July, and in fact the Sprint MVNO has been rather quite as of late in regards to announcing new promotional plans.  RingPlus has instead opted to announce discounted pricing for Add ons through Wednesday July 6th, 2016 at 4PM PST.  Subscribers will be able to save a minimum of 60% off on the cost of add ons, and they'll be able to keep the special pricing for as long as they want to keep the add on.


Allotment Feature  Sale Price Cost If You Had To Pay Overages
250 Minutes  $5 $12.50
250 Texts $4 $12.50
250 MB $5 $12.50
250 MMS $5 $12.50
500 Minutes $8 $25
500 Texts $7 $25
500 MB $8 $25
500 MMS $8 $25
1,000 Minutes $15 $50
1,000 Texts $12.5 $50
1,000 MB $15 $50
1,000 MMS $15 $50

If you are interested in purchasing any of these add ons, your credit card will be billed directly each month for the cost of the add on, charges do not get deducted from your top up balance.

RingPlus says there is limited availability for the sale pricing so if you find yourself using overages every month, sign up before the offer goes away.

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