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RingPlus Announces New Plans That Route Directly Through The Sprint Network Without RingPlus Radio, Ads, ETC

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RingPlus has announced that they are offering new cell phone plans that route directly through the Sprint network as opposed to first routing through RingPlus servers.  The new plans will come without RingPlus Radio, Ads, and in call apps such as the translator app. With direct routing through the Sprint network, those RingPlus members that experience latency while on a call should find their issues resolved.

Routing directly through the Sprint Network will come at a cost though, as those plans will be slightly more expensive than RingPlus's regular and freemium plans that include ads and RingPlus radio.  The new plans are being called "Mad Plans" and they are competitively priced and still some of the cheapest Sprint based plans on the market.

To celebrate and promote the new plans RingPlus is offering 50% off all Mad Plans for the first month of service as well as free number porting.  The promotional offer will begin on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 at 1 PM PST and will last until Thursday, July 21st at 9 PM PST.

Mad Plans

All Mad Plans will include unlimited talk and text including unlimited MMS.  Tethering will be available as an add on priced at $9.99/month.  Data overages will be charged at a rate of $15/GB billed in 1 GB increments.  Voicemail will be made available within two weeks of launch in both Spanish and English at no extra cost.  Off network roaming will be offered as well, although a minimum top up of $50 will be required to use roaming.

RingPlus is offering 3 Mad Plans that differ by the amount of data that they offer.

  • Mad Scientist Plan - 1 GB data, $15.99/month ($6.99 with Member+)
  • Mad Hatter Plan - 2 GB data, $22.99/month ($12.99 with Member+)
  • Mad Mad Plan - 3 GB data, $26.99/month ($17.99 with Member+)

Taxes and fees are not included and vary by region.  Prices listed are without the 50% off for the first month of service.

Compare All RingPlus Plans.


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