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Joe Paonessa

Joe Paonessa is the founder of He started BestMVNO in 2013, because like many of you, he was unhappy with the high price he was paying his wireless provider for cell phone service. After researching how to cut costs on his phone bill, he came across the terms MVNO and prepaid wireless, and learned there was a way he could keep using his favorite network without having to pay a premium price for it.

Through, Joe shares his research and experiences with MVNOs and prepaid wireless providers, helping others learn how to save money on their phone bills. Joe’s current providers are T-Mobile Prepaid and MobileX. When he’s not working on BestMVNO, you may find Joe playing pickleball or going out for a run. For inquiries use the contact button.

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Mission Statement From JP

Through I will show you that there are many cell phone plan service providers out there to choose from.  When you choose one of these alternative providers you will get the same service on the same network that you are used to but your carrier will have a name that you may not be familiar with.  These alternative providers don’t have their own networks, they are just reselling you service from the brands you are already familiar with which include AT&T, DISH, T-Mobile, and Verizon.  This is what an MVNO is, and this is what MVNO’s do.  If you need more information about MVNO’s see what is an MVNO?

Sometimes an MVNO may not be the best option for you, so also lists the latest news, deals and promotions from the brands you already know.  The latest industry trends are also discussed to help you plan for the future.

If you think this site is missing something that would be helpful to others, use the contact form and let’s get in touch.  If it makes sense to do so and it will benefit others, I’ll try and incorporate your ideas into the site.

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Contributing Authors

Jon Horovitz

Jon Horovitz
Jon Horovitz has been in the wireless industry as a senior executive for 33+ years. He headed up sales and operations in leadership roles for McCaw Communications, AT&T Wireless, Nextel, Boost Mobile, and Sprint. He has owned an MVNO as well as assisted in the start-up of many others. In 2022, Jon was named United States Ambassador to MVNO Nation (based in London and supporting 6000+ MVNOS). In 2024 he started The Boon of Wireless Podcast, available on all of the podcast streaming channels. The Boon of Wireless is a podcast about and for the wireless telecom community. Jon's consulting company, Atrium Unlimited, LLC, advises carriers, MVNOs, investment bankers, and venture capitalists interested in joining the wireless space. Jon would love to hear from you about any consultative needs you may have.

Bridget Cox

Lady Red's Tech Reviews
Bridget has worked in the prepaid industry for 5 years as a sales rep, location manager for a Cricket Wireless authorized retailer and is YouTube tech reviewer Lady Red. Since leaving the wireless retail environment, she is now advocates for consumers through her YouTube channel Lady Red's Tech Reviews. She offers buyers guides', tutorials, and budget-friendly tips to educate the less than tech-savvy and help them find the best device for their needs, at the lowest price. Bridget lives in the Southern US with her legion of highly trained security cats and an elderly dog. TikTok handle @Ladyredstechreviews

Gilbert Lopez

Gilbert Lopez Author Profile
Gilbert Lopez is a writer and contributor to and is a retail sales professional with 18 years of experience, 6 of them in wireless. Through a lot of trial, error and research, Gilbert is able to find ways to save on wireless devices and services. He has worked for Tracfone Inc, Cricket Wireless, as well as major postpaid carriers via 3rd parties. Gilbert has built a nice following in the tech community due to his ability to find deals and details that many others may miss. He currently uses Straight Talk & Sprint as his service provider. LG Stylo 5 & Galaxy A50 are Gil's current devices. You can find Gilbert Lopez on YouTube at KingOfTechDeals

Stephen Vicinanza

Stephen has been published in technology outlets such as CNX-Software, and RISC-V International. He loves all things tech and wireless. He lives in the North East USA with his wife and 2 sons.