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Articles by Bridget Cox

Bridget Cox

Bridget Cox
Bridget has worked in the prepaid industry for 5 years as a sales rep, location manager for a Cricket Wireless authorized retailer and is YouTube tech reviewer Lady Red. Since leaving the wireless retail environment, she is now advocates for consumers through her YouTube channel Lady Red's Tech Reviews. She offers buyers guides', tutorials, and budget-friendly tips to educate the less than tech-savvy and help them find the best device for their needs, at the lowest price. Bridget lives in the Southern US with her legion of highly trained security cats and an elderly dog.

TikTok handle @Ladyredstechreviews

Cricket Wireless At Walmart

Cricket Wireless Increases Customer Upgrade Interval To One Year

Bridget Cox - Jan 6, 2023
It’s a new year and saving money is among the more popular new years’ resolutions. For Cricket Wireless customers, this may mean holding on to their phones a little longer. As detailed in a newly issued prepaid report by Wave7 Research and uncovered by Mil Hustles, starting today, January 6,
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Simple Mobile Sits On Top Of 3Q22 Wave7 Research Prepaid Dealer Survey

Simple Mobile Still Number One In 3Q22 Wave7 Research Multi-Carrier Prepaid Dealer Survey

Bridget Cox - Oct 1, 2022
Once again, Simple Mobile has stolen the top spot in Wave7 Research’s quarterly independent multi-carrier dealer survey. To date, Simple has commanded the lead every quarter in all of the 31 quarterly surveys conducted by the research firm. According to one California dealer in the survey, Simple comprised more than
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Verizon Store Front

Total by Verizon Stores Could Help The New Brand Be Successful

Bridget Cox - Sep 15, 2022
The prepaid wireless industry is booming in 2022. Consumers are looking for savings wherever they can find them. The most obvious place, for many, is their wireless bill. The Tracfone brands do offer convenient locations in Walmart, Best Buy, and other big box retailers. But while conveniently located, there is
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iPhone 14 Pre-order Deals

iPhone 14 Prepaid And MVNO Provider Preorder Deals

Bridget Cox - Sep 10, 2022
The preorder iPhone 14 deals for the various wireless providers are rolling out and big savings to bring in new subscribers and for customer upgrades seem to be common themes. The iPhone 14 is an eSIM only device, limiting where you can find some prepaid and MVNO provider preorder deals.
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iPhone 14

Activating iPhone 14 eSIM, Carriers With Brick & Mortar Stores May Have An Advantage

Bridget Cox - Sep 9, 2022
Limited connectivity may result in limited demand Every few years, the developers at Apple decide to make some big changes to their flagship devices. In the past, these changes included the removal of the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, later the home button was replaced with facial recognition, in
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Boost Mobile Fifty Percent Off Twenty Five Dollar Unlimited Plan Promo

Boost Mobile’s New $25 Unlimited Plan Supported By TV And Video Ads

Bridget Cox - Sep 2, 2022
It’s back to school time and for prepaid wireless customers, it’s sign up and save season. Parents want to keep in touch with their students in transit to and from school and during any after school activities. Traditionally, moms and dads will upgrade their devices, handing down their old phones
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Cricket Wireless eSIM

Cricket Wireless Adds eSIM Support, Limited To iPhones At Launch

Bridget Cox - Aug 25, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile recently launched eSim support in July for online or customer service activation only. Another major MVNO responded with a quiet eSim launch of their own this week. As of August 25, Cricket Wireless now supports eSim activation to select iPhones both in stores and via customer care.
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