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iPhone 14 Prepaid And MVNO Provider Preorder Deals

iPhone 14 Pre-order Deals
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The preorder iPhone 14 deals for the various wireless providers are rolling out and big savings to bring in new subscribers and for customer upgrades seem to be common themes. The iPhone 14 is an eSIM only device, limiting where you can find some prepaid and MVNO provider preorder deals. Not all providers support eSIM yet.

Red Pocket quietly announced eSim support back in May of this year, as reported by Best MVNO. But, there is nothing quiet about the $300 off iPhone 14 preorder deal the multi-carrier MVNO has announced. The banner on Red Pocket’s website boldly displays the iPhone 14 Pro. 

Xfinity Mobile also announced their own deal for $400 off any iPhone 14 series with 0% APR financing. Xfinity is running the $400 off through October 6, 2022. Both Red Pocket and Xfinity are offering free shipping with pre-orders.

Visible by Verizon is offering a $200 virtual gift card for switchers, limited to the iPhone 14 a tempting sweetener to potential new customers. The phones will also ship with a free pair of Apple AirPods 3, worth up to $179 in value. Financing is available through Affirm.

The devil’s in the details…

Red Pocket's $300 off deal is friendly to new and existing customers and does not require a contract, but the device will be carrier locked for a period of 12 months. Other iPhone 14 offer details include a $100 instant discount, and $200 rebate after 3 months of service with auto pay on an eligible plan. The eligible service plans are as low as $20 a month to qualify for the discount. No other promo codes or discounts can be applied alongside with the $300 iPhone 14 discount, but financing is available. This offer is available for new and existing customers. The Red Pocket iPhone 14 deal is only available to customers who signup for a plan on their GSMA network, which is Red Pocket speak for AT&T's network

The details of the Xfinity pre-order deal of $400 off does come with a more restrictive set of terms and conditions. A 24 month contract with financing is required, but 0% APR is offered for buyers. The deal will apply for upgrades and new lines of service, but for new lines a number must be transferred from another carrier within 30 days of receiving the device. If the purchase is an upgrade, the new device must be activated within 15 days. The discount is applied as bill credits, with the first credit applied to the next month’s bill. Trade-ins are welcome and it appears Xfinity is allowing additional promo codes to be applied as well. However, if the iPhone 14 is purchased in store, there may be a 50% down payment. 

To take advantage of the Visible $200 virtual gift card, customers must switch from an eligible carrier within 30 days of the transaction and maintain uninterrupted service for 30 days. After that time, customers will receive an email with a code to redeem the gift card. It is limited to the purchase of an iPhone 14 series device. Other gift cards ranging from $50-$150 are available for other android and iPhones, the same restrictions apply. To claim the Apple AirPods with an iPhone 14 purchase, subscribers must port their numbers in within 14 days and maintain active service for three months.

The competition is about to get fierce…

The iPhone 14 deals are beginning to trickle in for pre-order and as the new deals are announced, the competition for new customers will be fierce among providers. Switcher deals will soon replace preorder offers as the iPhone 14 release date nears and it will mean big savings for consumers looking for the best deals. 

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