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Activating iPhone 14 eSIM, Carriers With Brick & Mortar Stores May Have An Advantage

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Limited connectivity may result in limited demand

Every few years, the developers at Apple decide to make some big changes to their flagship devices. In the past, these changes included the removal of the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, later the home button was replaced with facial recognition, in 2020 the charging blocks and earpods disappeared from packaging. 2022 marks another year of vanishing hardware for the iPhone, the sim tray is now obsolete. Every iPhone 14, all variants, sold in the US are eSim only devices. Since eSim is not widely supported worldwide, international iPhones will still carry and be eligible for activation with a physical sim or eSim. 

Developers boast that every iPhone 14 can store up to eight eSims in each phone, and use two simultaneously. There are a variety of methods to eSim activation, and this is where some consumers may run into difficulties. The list of eSim supported carriers includes the major MNOs, and a long list of MVNOs. There are four methods of activation:

  • Carrier activation, eSim can be activated directly by the provider.
  • Quick transfer, switch from one iPhone to another without contacting carrier support.
  • Scan/download, scan a QR code to download the eSim directly into the phone.
  • Carrier app, using the carrier’s app to facilitate the eSim download.

When It Comes To Activating The iPhone 14, Carriers With Brick And Mortar Stores May Have The Upper Hand

Thanks for chatting with support, your wait time is…

For the tech savvy, the steps involved will present no issue. For others, the process may seem daunting. The lack of a brick and mortar location for customers needing assistance may hinder some of the internet based MVNOs and carrier-owned prepaid brands like Visible by Verizon, for example. The eSim activation method through Visible, and others, is via app download. The requirements for any eSim activation include a high speed, secure and stable WiFi connection along with a secondary device for contacting carrier support. Many consumers do not have a secondary device or a stable and secure high speed internet access. Quick transfer would be an option here, but the list of providers offering quick transfer is short. 

Meanwhile, back at the carrier store…

Carriers with brick and mortar stores offer personal service. The customer simply provides some information, pays for their purchase, and the in-store rep takes care of the eSim download and initial device activation. If there are any issues, they are handled by trained professionals. One Cricket Wireless employee recently reported the bugs in the eSim system have been corrected and operations are running smoothly. It seems the brick and mortar locations may have the advantage when activating an iPhone 14 series device. Said Finn K. Store employee; “The eSims have been a huge success and many of our customers do not mind having an eSim. They are working as intended.”

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