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Mobile Phone Store With Accessories
CIXCI Can Help Your MVNO Sell Accessories To Boost Revenue With No Inventory Costs
Jon Horovitz - Jun 14, 2024
Welcome to Almost Summer! In today’s column, I’d like to talk about one of the biggest money-makers and high-margin products that a wireless dealer sells….. ACCESSORIES. The accessory business continues to grow and provides great add-on sales opportunities for your sales staff and your online customers. Accessory Market Surge In
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Mint Mobile Verizon Prepaid Reddit Attack Ad
Mint Mobile Reddit Ad Pits Itself Directly Against Verizon Prepaid
Joe Paonessa - May 29, 2024
While browsing Reddit I was struck by an ad from Mint Mobile that specifically pits itself against Verizon Prepaid. The ad compares Mint Mobile’s “unlimited plan” to Verizon’s unlimited plan. Mint Mobile’s plan isn’t actually truly unlimited in the same way that Verizon’s unlimited plan is. But the main part
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Metro by T-Mobile Brings Un-carrier To Prepaid
Metro by T-Mobile’s Free Phones For All Offer Is A Deceptive Trick To Lock You Into Paying More
Joe Paonessa - May 14, 2024
John Freier, the President of T-Mobile’s U.S. Consumer Group, released a video today claiming to be “changing wireless for good” by offering Metro by T-Mobile’s first Un-carrier move. Free phones for all, including existing customers. He also reaffirmed the company’s commitment to “wireless without the gotcha.” But this author couldn’t
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Did T-Mobile Just Pull A Fast One On The FCC?
T-Mobile Pulls Fast One On FCC, Extends Metro’s Unlock Policy To 365 Days Post-Mint Mobile Acquisition
Joe Paonessa - May 13, 2024
On 4/23/24, T-Mobile informed the FCC that if it were allowed to acquire Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile it would immediately change the device unlock policy for each brand to 60 days. On 4/25/24, T-Mobile received approval from the FCC to acquire the brands, and the deal was closed on
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PrologMobile Carrier Compatibility
PrologMobile Offers Network Compatibility Checker For MVNOs & Distributors
Jon Horovitz - Apr 26, 2024
I wrote in this space about a year ago about a very innovative company that makes sure that devices being purchased by carriers, MVNOs, & wholesale distributors are compatible with the networks that they are intended to be used on. PrologMobile, Inc ( provides this service which in layman’s terms
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Boon Of Wireless Podcast
It’s Time for Mobile World Congress And The Boon Of Wireless Podcast!
Jon Horovitz - Feb 23, 2024
It’s Time for Mobile World Congress! This week’s article will be a short one with a couple of updates. World Mobile Congress (MWC – The Largest And Most Influential… | MWC Barcelona 2024) in Barcelona, Spain begins next week, February 26-29th. I’m happy to be attending my first MWC event
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Are Wireless Subscribers Switching To MVNOs?
Are Wireless Subscribers Considering Switching to MVNOs? How Can You Get Them To Switch To Your MVNO?
Jon Horovitz - Feb 9, 2024
In October, 2023, I wrote in this space: “Where Should I Buy My Wireless Service This Holiday Season?” The article outlined the pros and cons of buying a phone and service either through a corporate-owned retail store (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon), an independently owned branded store, a non-exclusive dealer, or an
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4q23 Industry Wireless Subscriber Adds
Industry Insights: FCC’s Proposed Broadband Consumer Labels & 4Q23 Wireless Carriers’ Subscriber Growth
Jon Horovitz - Jan 30, 2024
Hello and a Belated Happy New Year!  It was great to see so many old friends at CES in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and meet other shakers and movers in our industry.  While not traditionally a wireless show, the Venetian Hotel Wireless space was very well attended both
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2023 MVNO And Prepaid Award Winners
2023 Is A Wrap, Here Are The MVNO & Prepaid Award Winners!
Jon Horovitz - Dec 15, 2023
The Envelope Please! The 2nd Annual Jonny Awards As 2023 comes to a close, the most important part of my article today is to say THANK YOU to all of Atrium Unlimited’s clients, customers, suppliers, and friends.  Atrium Unlimited Consulting would not be here without your tremendous support.  From everyone at
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MVNO Success
The 6 Essential Components You Need To Operate An MVNO Successfully
Jon Horovitz - Dec 1, 2023
Now that you (hopefully) put together all of the pieces of your new MVNO, how do you make all of the parts work and talk to each other? There are six (6) Key Components to making your MVNO work from an operational standpoint.  I’m leaving out sales and marketing for
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How To Grow Your MVNO
Growing Your MVNO: Strategies for Gaining and Retaining Subscribers
Jon Horovitz - Nov 17, 2023
The MVNO space keeps getting more crowded with new entrants coming onboard every week. Our company, Atrium Unlimited Consulting (, is currently working with four entities to launch their MVNOs in the next 60-90 days; some with an aggregator and some with a direct agreement with the carrier.  Add to
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Prepaid SIM Cards On Display At Target Store
Where Should Customers Buy Their Mobile Phone Service?
Jon Horovitz - Oct 27, 2023
As I look at the calendar, the Holiday Shopping Season is now upon us and the December Holidays are less than two months away.  Coincidently, I was asked this week by a friend if they should purchase their wireless service from a major carrier or go through an MVNO.  I
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All Wireless And Prepaid Expo 2023, Inside Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
The All Wireless & Prepaid Expo Was A Smashing Success With Over 4,000 Attendees
Jon Horovitz - Aug 25, 2023
For anyone who has traveled to Las Vegas in August, the All Wireless & Prepaid Show is a must-stop for everyone connected to the wireless industry. This year’s event was no exception with over 4,000 attendees meeting, networking, socializing, and learning.  From its beginnings in 2008, this show has become
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Strategies To Grow Your MVNO
Strategies To Grow Your MVNO
Jon Horovitz - Jun 9, 2023
Recently, our friends at MVNO Nation in the United Kingdom published an eBook entitled Strategies For Growth For MVNOs.  With a current worldwide market value of $70 Billion, MVNO growth is expected to surpass $148 Billion by 2032, just nine short years ahead.  Operators see the number one issue going forward
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Cracked Phone Screen
Memorial Day And The New Wireless Bill Of Rights
Jon Horovitz - May 26, 2023
And just like that in a blink of an eye, Memorial Day and the official start to Summer 2023 is upon us.  While many see this as simply a three-day holiday and an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on everything from new cars, mattresses, and other household items, it’s
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