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Mint Mobile Reddit Ad Pits Itself Directly Against Verizon Prepaid

Mint Mobile Verizon Prepaid Reddit Attack Ad
Mint Mobile Verizon Prepaid Reddit Attack Ad
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While browsing Reddit I was struck by an ad from Mint Mobile that specifically pits itself against Verizon Prepaid. The ad compares Mint Mobile's "unlimited plan" to Verizon's unlimited plan.

Mint Mobile's plan isn't actually truly unlimited in the same way that Verizon's unlimited plan is. But the main part of the ad and comparison may lead you to believe otherwise. Initially, I was taken aback finding the ad to be highly deceptive. However, upon further review of the ad's fine print, Mint does a relatively good job with disclosures.

Mint Mobile's plan only includes 40GB of high-speed data every 30 days before data speeds are drastically slowed to 512Kbps until the next 30-day billing cycle starts. To Mint's credit, at least in the tiny fine print, they are mostly transparent about this. They mention speeds slow after 40GB but don't say exactly to what.

Verizon's unlimited plan doesn't have this limitation. Data speeds are not reduced if a certain amount of data is consumed every month. Data remains at high-speed for the duration of every monthly billing cycle unless the network is busy in which case speeds temporarily slow down. Mint does actually state this in the ad. But temporarily slowing data speeds down during network congestion is true for both providers. Mint doesn't disclose this about its own plan.

Also lacking in the ad's big picture is that Verizon's plan is actually $50/month with autopay billing enabled. Mint discloses that autopay pricing isn't shown but they do not mention what the autopay pricing discount is. Mint's plan is a promotional price for new customers, whereas Verizon's plan is not.

The ad's fine print shows that Mint's displayed pricing is for a 3-month unlimited plan promotion. However, it fails to disclose that the regular 3-month price of the plan is $40/month. The picture in the ad may lead you to believe the regular price is $30/month with no other context given.

The main part of the ad could also do a better job of disclosing that Mint is comparing itself to Verizon Prepaid not Verizon postpaid instead of burying that it's a Verizon Prepaid plan in the fine print.

It is interesting to see one prepaid brand directly attack another via a display ad. Most of the time I seem to come across prepaid brands attacking carrier postpaid brands. Although I did recently come across another prepaid vs prepaid brand attack post. However, that post, which you can see below is an epic fail as it depicts H2O Wireless as having better pricing than Mint Mobile and shows Mint as offering a single monthly phone plan at $25/month. Mint Mobile hasn't offered monthly phone plans since 2018. H2O Wireless has been displaying this comparison on its social media pages.


H2O Wireless Compares Its Plan To A Mint Mobile Plan That Doesn't Exist
H2O Wireless Compares Its Plan To A Mint Mobile Plan That Doesn't Exist

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