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Mint Mobile News

Mint Mobile $5,000 Giveaway

Mint Mobile Has New Free Trial Offer And $5,000 Sweepstakes

Joe Paonessa - Apr 12, 2021
Mint Mobile has launched a new free trial offer. The company has been busy over the past few days promoting the offer on social media. One ad, scene on Instagram, exclaims “Stop overpaying for wireless because you’re afraid to switch. Try Mint Mobile on your phone with a free trial…not
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Mint Mobile SIMs And Plans Now Available In Target Stores (Photo Credit Wave7 Research)

Mint Mobile Now Available In Target Stores, Brand On Fire

Joe Paonessa - Mar 30, 2021
Mint Mobile is at it again. A recent report sent out by the firm Wave7 Research detailed several new marketing and expansion efforts revolving around the brand. Front and center, Mint Mobile has launched in Target stores. The Mint Mobile brand has been sold online at Target for a couple
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Consumer Cellular, A Proven Model For MVNO Success

How 4 Major MVNOs Achieved Success By Differentiating From Competitors

Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2021
The U.S. MVNO marketplace is filled with competition and MVNOs with weak hands are not destined to last. As Jon Horovitz recently pointed out, the path to long-term survival and success in the market is differentiation. MVNOs must find a way to offer services that are unique in the space
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Actor Dan Levy's Eyebrows Featured In New Visible Advertising Campaign

Visible’s Less Conventional Ad Approach Gets Views, Others Like Mint Mobile Focused On More Traditional Means

Joe Paonessa - Nov 30, 2020
This holiday shopping season has seen an increase in the number of prepaid wireless brands investing in the marketing of their services. Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, Straight Talk Wireless, TextNow, and Visible have all launched new video advertising campaigns. While most have focused on traditional
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Mint Mobile Brings Back Buy 3-Months Get 3-Months Free Offer

Mint Mobile Brings Back Buy 3-Months Get 3-Months Free Offer

Joe Paonessa - Nov 16, 2020
In July of 2019, Mint Mobile launched a buy 3-months get 3-months free promotion for new customers. It must have been a successful promo because the company has elected to expand it and bring it back for the holiday 2020 shopping season. Last year the offer was only valid on
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TextNow Has Launched A New Television Commercial

TextNow and Mint Mobile Have Launched New TV Commercials

Joe Paonessa - Oct 26, 2020
A recent prepaid report issued by the firm Wave7 Research detailed new TV commercial ad launches from the wireless brands TextNow and Mint Mobile. The ads are airing on TV stations nationwide. Both brands are smaller sized independently owned MVNOs that are primarily direct to consumer businesses. The advertising is
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Mint Mobile Has New Plan With 35GB High Speed Data

Mint Mobile’s New $30 Unlimited Plan Includes 35GB Of 5G Data

Joe Paonessa - Sep 9, 2020
Mint Mobile has launched a new phone plan that will surely turn some heads. The new multi-month phone plan includes unlimited everything with the first 35GB of data each month available at up to 5G data speeds. It will cost subscribers as little as $30/month. But of course, there’s a
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Mint Mobile 3-Month Plan 50% Off At Best Buy

Best Buy Has Mint Mobile 8GB 3-Month SIM Plan Kit On Sale For $30

Joe Paonessa - Feb 7, 2020
Just days after Mint Mobile offered 3-months of completely free no strings attached wireless service during the Super Bowl, there’s a new offer in place, this time available exclusively at Best Buy. Best Buy has launched an offer around Mint Mobile’s 3-month plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data with
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Actor Ryan Reynolds Holding NY Times Displaying Ad For Mint Mobile's Offer Of 3 Months Of Free Wireless Service

Mint Mobile Offering 3-Months Of Free Wireless Service, Customers Must Signup While The Super Bowl is Being Played

Joe Paonessa - Jan 30, 2020
Last year Mint Mobile surprised the MVNO industry by airing an ad during the Super Bowl.  This year, the company will do no such thing.  Instead, Mint Mobile will offer new customers 3-months of free service if they signup while the big game is being played. Actor Ryan Reynolds, who
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Ryan Reynolds Now Has An Ownership Stake In Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile Sells Ownership Stake To Actor Ryan Reynolds

Joe Paonessa - Nov 25, 2019
Mint Mobile announced today that actor Ryan Reynolds has purchased an ownership stake in the company.  The terms of the sale were not disclosed. Last month Mint Mobile notified its subscribers through an email that it filed for an LLC.  Prior to the move, Mint Mobile subscribers got their service
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Mint Mobile Sale Get Any 3-Month Plan For $15/Month

Mint Mobile Promo Offers 12GB Of Data For $15/Month

Joe Paonessa - Nov 1, 2019
Mint Mobile has launched a promotion.  New customers can now get any 3-month plan for just $15/month.  Mint Mobile’s most expensive 3-month plan regularly starts at $25/month for 12GB of data for new customers, but through this special offer, customers will save 40% on the plan when they pick it
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Mint Mobile BOGO 3-Months Free Promo Upgrade Offer

Mint Mobile Has Special Upgrade Offer For Those Who Took Advantage Of Buy 3 Months Get 3 Months Free Promo

Joe Paonessa - Oct 9, 2019
Over the summer, Mint Mobile gave new subscribers who bought 3 months of wireless service an additional 3 months of service for free.  The plan featured in the promo gave customers unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 8GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds before
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Mint Mobile Offering 3 Months Of Free Wireless Service With iPhone Purchase

Buy An Unlocked iPhone 11 From Mint Mobile, Get 3 Months Of Wireless For Free

Joe Paonessa - Sep 30, 2019
Mint Mobile is now running a special offer on all iPhone purchases including the new iPhone 11.  Customers who buy any iPhone from Mint Mobile will receive 3 months of wireless service free of charge.  The plan being given away includes unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 8GB
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Mint Mobile Offering 6 Months Wireless Service With 8GB Of Data For Just Twenty Dollars

Mint Mobile Offering 6 Months Of Service For $60, Includes 8GB Of Data Each Month

Joe Paonessa - Jul 29, 2019
Mint Mobile has launched a new promotion.  New subscribers can now buy 3 months of wireless service for $60 and get an additional 3 months of service free.  That works out to a total of 6 months of service for an average cost of just $10/month.  The plan being offered
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Mint Mobile Offering Free Year Of Service With iPhone Purchase

Mint Mobile Is Offering A Free Year Of Service With The Purchase Of An iPhone XR, XS Or XS Max

Joe Paonessa - Jul 22, 2019
Mint Mobile has recently launched several offers.  Customers who order a new iPhone XR, XS or XS Max can choose to pair it with either a free year of service, free airpods with 3 months of free service or $50 off the devices sold unlocked with 3 free months of
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