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Mint Mobile Adds Canada Roaming
Mint Mobile Adds 3GB Canada Roaming To Plans
Joe Paonessa - Jul 13, 2024
Mint Mobile has updated its wireless plans to include roaming in Canada. New and current customers will get unlimited talk and text while traveling in Canada plus 3GB of high-speed data to use. The 3GB data allotment is completely separate from each Mint plan’s domestic data allotment. If you’re on
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Mint Mobile Verizon Prepaid Reddit Attack Ad
Mint Mobile Reddit Ad Pits Itself Directly Against Verizon Prepaid
Joe Paonessa - May 29, 2024
While browsing Reddit I was struck by an ad from Mint Mobile that specifically pits itself against Verizon Prepaid. The ad compares Mint Mobile’s “unlimited plan” to Verizon’s unlimited plan. Mint Mobile’s plan isn’t actually truly unlimited in the same way that Verizon’s unlimited plan is. But the main part
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Mint Mobile Will Be A Part Of T-Mobile Effective May 1 2024
T-Mobile’s Acquisition Of Mint Mobile Gains FCC Approval, Deal Closing May 1
Joe Paonessa - Apr 26, 2024
The FCC stated on 4/25/24 that it approved T-Mobile’s acquisition of the Ka’ena Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile. The approval came just two days after T-Mobile notified the FCC that it would implement a new 60-day unlocking policy for Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile if
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Mint Mobile Once Again Offering Any 3-Month Plan For $15/Month
Mint Mobile Brings Back $15/Month For Any Plan, Includes 40GB Plan
Joe Paonessa - Mar 5, 2024
Mint Mobile is once again offering new customers any 3-month plan for $15/month. This was also Mint Mobile’s January 2024 offer. The same promo ran in June 2022, and again in June 2023. I fully expect Mint Mobile to unleash a new set of TV ads promoting this offer or
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Mint Mobile Fifteen Dollars For Every Plan January 2024
Mint Mobile January 2024 Deal Is The Return Of $15/Month For Any Plan
Joe Paonessa - Jan 2, 2024
Mint Mobile has once again brought back its offer of $15/month for three months on any plan. The deal replaces an offer of buy three months get three months free that Mint Mobile had running over the holiday shopping season. That offer expired January 1, 2024. The buy three get
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Mint Mobile Offering Free Side Of Bacon With Buy 3 Months Get 3 Free Deal
Mint Mobile’s TV Ad Promotes ‘Buy 3, Get 3 Months Free’ With Free Bacon Offer
Joe Paonessa - Dec 14, 2023
Mint Mobile has launched perhaps its last two TV commercials of the holiday shopping season to promote its offer of buy 3 months get 3 months free. The offer, which launched in mid-November, has been updated with a limited time twist that’s highlighted in one of the new TV ads.
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Mint Mobile Black Friday 2023 Sale
Mint Mobile’s Annual Black Friday Deal Is Back, Buy 3 Months Get 3 Free
Joe Paonessa - Nov 20, 2023
Mint Mobile’s buy three months get three months free offer is once again back for Black Friday. This is the fourth consecutive year that Mint Mobile has run this offer. However, last year the offer first became available in stores including Target and Best Buy in early October before later
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Mint Mobile $15 For Any Plan
Mint Mobile Brings Back $15/Month Offer On Any Plan For New Customers
Joe Paonessa - Jun 5, 2023
Mint Mobile, a popular MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network, is offering all of its three-month plans for $15/month to new customers. This is a savings of up to 50% off the regular price of these plans. The following plans are included in the offer: 15GB plan: Regular price $20/month 20GB plan:
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Mint Mobile On Display At A Best Buy
Mint Mobile Updating Plans To Include More Data Without Price Increases
Joe Paonessa - Apr 2, 2023
On April 14, Mint Mobile will be updating all of its wireless plans to include more data. Pricing for each plan will remain the same. Here’s how each plan will be updated: $15/mo – increased to 5GB, up from 4GB $20/mo – increased to 15GB, up from 10GB $25/mo –
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T-Mobile Agrees To Buy Mint Mobile
T-Mobile Agrees To Purchase Mint Mobile, Is It A Move To Stifle Competition?
Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2023
Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that it reached a deal, pending regulatory approval, to purchase Ka’ena Corporation including all of its subsidiaries and brands at a price of up to $1.35 billion. The purchase price is dependent on if a few incentives are met between now and the time the deal closes,
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Google Pixel 7 $300 Off At Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile Deals Include 1Yr Service With Phone Purchase, Pixel 7 Is $389
Joe Paonessa - Feb 17, 2023
Mint Mobile continues to run phone and plan bundle deals. Perhaps the hottest offer right now is the bundling of 6 months of free service with the purchase of a Google Pixel 7 and an annual plan. That means you can get a 128GB Google Pixel 7 and an unlimited
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Mint Mobile Free Month Trial Offer
Mint Mobile Offering 1-Month Free Trial & 1-Month Free On Any 3-Month Plan
Joe Paonessa - Feb 7, 2023
Mint Mobile has launched a couple of limited-time deals for new customers. Prospective subscribers can either try Mint Mobile for free for one month or get one month free with the purchase of any 3-month plan. Actor and Mint Mobile co-owner Ryan Reynolds even put together a video ad to
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Mint Mobile Buy 3 Get 3 Free Offer On Display At Best Buy
Mint Mobile’s Buy 3 Months Get 3 Free Offer Is Officially Back
Joe Paonessa - Nov 14, 2022
Mint Mobile’s buy three months get three months free offer is officially back on the Mint Mobile website. This is the third year in a row that the T-Mobile powered MVNO has offered the deal for the Black Friday holiday shopping season. Mint Mobile has actually been offering the same
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Mint Mobile $15 For Every Plan Promo
Mint Mobile’s New $15 For Any Plan Deal Supported By Multiple Video Ads
Joe Paonessa - Jun 15, 2022
Mint Mobile launched a new promo today offering all of its three-month plans for $15/month to new customers. That’s a savings of 50% off for customers that elect to sign up for Mint Mobile’s “Unlimited” plan which includes 35GB of high-speed data before throttling. The promo is being supported by
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Mint Mobile Family Plan Quarterly Payments
Mint Mobile Updates Family Plans With Quarterly Payments
Joe Paonessa - May 3, 2022
Mint Mobile has updated how it handles its family plans. The provider’s homepage now has a banner that reads “Introducing the modern family plan. Families start at 15/mo per line.” Customers with multiple lines on an account can now pay for their plans in quarterly installments but only if they
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