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Mint Mobile Brings Back $15/Month For Any Plan, Includes 40GB Plan

Mint Mobile Once Again Offering Any 3-Month Plan For $15/Month
Mint Mobile Once Again Offering Any 3-Month Plan For $15/Month
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Mint Mobile is once again offering new customers any 3-month plan for $15/month. This was also Mint Mobile's January 2024 offer. The same promo ran in June 2022, and again in June 2023. I fully expect Mint Mobile to unleash a new set of TV ads promoting this offer or to recycle TV ads the company has previously run. The MVNO has aired more than two dozen TV ads over the last few years. The ads also typically run in social media channels as well, such as this newly launched ad on YouTube promoting this offer. You can also watch it below.

Mint Mobile is offering three additional plans for $15/month for three months to new customers. Their base plan with 5GB of high-speed data is always priced that way. The discounted plans are shown below with their regular new customer pricing highlighted.

  • 15GB plan: Regular price $20/month
  • 20GB plan: Regular price $25/month
  • 40GB plan: Regular price $30/month

Taxes and fees are extra and they will vary from state to state and city to city.

Every plan offers unlimited talk and text, along with calling to Mexico and Canada. Once the high-speed data cap is exceeded, data speeds will be reduced. All plans come with hotspot usage up to the plan's total data allowance, except for the 40GB plan, where the hotspot is limited to 10GB.

Once the customer's trial pricing offer ends, subscribers will have the option to renew their plans or switch to a different one. Pricing for the plans follows below.

Mint Mobile Plan Renewal Rates

An end date for the offer has not been specified other than it will be available while supplies last and it's subject to change without notice.

Mint Mobile has been running special deals on its plans for new customers on and off for at least five months straight. The promotions aren't surprising given that T-Mobile has an offer on the table to buy Mint Mobile, pending regulatory approval. The final price of the sale, a value of up to $1.35 billion, is dependent on Mint Mobile meeting certain undisclosed incentives which likely include them having a specific subscriber count. T-Mobile's offer includes the purchase of Mint Mobile's sister brand, Ultra Mobile, their parent company, Ka'ena Corporation, and their MVNE/Aggregator, Plum

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