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Jon Horovitz

Jon Horovitz
Jon Horovitz has been in the wireless industry as a senior executive for 30+ years. He headed up sales and operations in leadership roles for McCaw Communications, AT&T Wireless, Nextel, Boost Mobile, and Sprint. He has owned an MVNO as well as assisted in the start-up of three others. His consulting company, Atrium Unlimited, LLC advises carriers, MVNOs, investment bankers, and venture capitalists interested in joining the wireless space. Jon would love to hear from you about any consultative needs you may have. Please visit

Good Communication Between MVNOs And Dealers Builds Trust

MVNOs Need To Build Trust With Their Dealers That Flows Down To Consumers

Jon Horovitz - Apr 16, 2021
Did thousands of customers suddenly decide that the service stinks?  Not when unscrupulous dealers see the opportunity to simply insert a new sim card from an MVNO that operates on the same MNO and tell the customer, “it’s the same network you’re on now, just a different carrier name will
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To Niche Or Not To Niche? That Is The Question

To Niche or Not to Niche? That is the Question MVNOs Must Ask!

Jon Horovitz - Apr 2, 2021
What’s my niche? Who am I going to target? Where can I generate more sales by having a laser focus on a specific target audience? These are questions that every MVNO should be asking themselves so they don’t wind up as a “me-too” provider or continue to fuel the price
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MVNOs What's Your Distribution Strategy?

MVNOS, What’s Your Distribution Strategy?

Jon Horovitz - Mar 19, 2021
What ARE The 4 P’s Of Marketing? Any of us that took an Intro to Marketing class, or learned the hard way by learning how to attract customers through trial and error, know that there are four P’s in Marketing: Product, Pricing Promotion, and Placement. For most of us in
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MVNOs Must Differentiate To Survive

MVNO’s: What’s Your Differentiator?

Jon Horovitz - Mar 5, 2021
Differentiator, Verb. Recognize or ascertain what makes someone or something different. There are dozens upon dozens of MVNOs in North America. True, the big national guys hold the majority of market share. But for every Tracfone, Boost Mobile, and Consumer Cellular, there are some small, and mostly efficient MVNOs that have
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