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The Latest RingPlus Plan Is For Data Only Devices Featuring 1 GB Data For $8.99/Month

RingPlus McDonald Plan
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RingPlus's newest cell phone plan is called the McDonald plan and it will become available today, Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 at 5 PM PST.  The plan is available for data only devices.

McDonald Plan

The Mcdonald Plan will feature 1GB of data for data only devices priced at $8.99/month.  An auto top up of $14.99 is charged to your account at signup and again if your top up balance ever reaches $0.  The top up is to pay for any overages you may incur while you are on the plan priced at $14.99/GB.  Overages are billed on a per GB basis.

Member+ subscribers can get the plan for $3.99/month with an auto top up of $12.99.  Taxes and telecom fees are extra for all price points.

In addition to data, the plan also includes Wi-Fi calling minutes.  Regular subscribers get 400 minutes, while Member+ subscribers get 550.

You can compare this plan to all the other available RingPlus plans here.

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