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RingPlus Is Back With New Plans, More To Come?

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RingPlus LogoFor nearly a week RingPlus stopped accepting new activations.  Today the Sprint MVNO came back online with new plans and I'm sure there will be new promotions to follow.

At the moment RingPlus is offering just 5 phone plans with all of them being "Mad Plans." RingPlus Mad Plans are directly routed through the Sprint network without having to first pass through RingPlus servers, and as a result the plans cost a little more than RingPlus's traditional free phone plans which are first routed through RingPlus servers.

New Mad Plans

Three out of 5 of RingPlus's new Mad Plans include unlimited talk, text and MMS.  With that in mind, a summary of the differences between each Mad Plan follows:

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  • Mad Truly Free - $0/month, (no top ups!) for 50 minutes, SMS, MMS, and MB of 4G LTE data.
  • Mad Fiesta Free - auto top up of $19.99 + tax for 500 minutes, SMS, MMS and MB of 4G LTE data with overages at 5¢ each per unit of talk, SMS, MMS and MB of data.
  • Mad Feast - $9.99/month + tax for 500 MB of 4G LTE data with tethering, with an overage cost of $15/GB
  • Mad Festival - $14.99/month + tax, 1 GB of 4G LTE data with tethering, and an overage cost of $12/GB
  • Mad Jubilee - $19.99/month + tax, 2 GB of 4G LTE data with tethering and an overage cost of $10/GB

The auto top up fee associated with the Mad Fiesta Free plan is used to cover the costs of any overages that you may incur while you are using the plan.  The auto top up is only charged to your account when you first sign up for the plan, and it is not charged to your account ever again unless your account balance reaches $0.

You can see how these new Mad Plans compare to what RingPlus previously offered by visiting the BestMVNO RingPlus news and promotions page.  That page will however be updated with all of RingPlus's new plans once it is confirmed that they have released all of the plans that they intend to.


RingPlus represents one of the best values around.  You can see this for yourself by having a look at this list of cheap prepaid phone plans.

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Paul Smith
Paul Smith
4 years ago

Looks like RingPlus added two new plans today. One is Free Mad Promo 6 and the other is Free Witch Hazel. The major difference between the two plans is Free Witch Hazel is not a Mad plan. It uses the old system. The Free plans come with 1,450 Talk, SMS, MMS, and MB LTE data. If you switch to the Mad 6 Promo tomorrow morning and are a MemberPlus or have a current Mad Surfing plan, the $15 activation fee won’t apply. Both plans have options to upgrade to 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 Talk, SMS, MMS, and MB LTE data for $4.99, $14.99, or $24.99 taxes and fees/month with the ability to go back and forth as your plan needs change. You have to dig through four pages of responses for some things as they weren’t included in the initial post, but added to later by Karl.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith
4 years ago

It’s up to six plans now. They added Mad Fun this morning at $2.99/month with 300 minutes, SMS, MMS and MB of 4G LTE data with overages at 5¢ each per unit of talk, SMS, MMS and MB of data and includes Tethering. It mentions drawing from Top-up, but doesn’t appear to have a Top-up requirement. Could come in handy if you have a different plan with a Top-up balance you want to use. Believe the Mad Truly Free is probably like the old Truly Free 4 which was only good for 30 days before you have to switch. Good to see a Mad Festival that only requires a Top-up if your balance is less than $2. Worth noting the Mad Festival requires at least one outgoing call every 60 days since it is a free plan. The same would hold true for the Mad Truly Free if it was available for more than 30 days. Since they put it under Mad instead of Free is why I believe it is only good for 30 days. Otherwise, they should have put it under the Free section.