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To Make Your Head Spin, RingPlus Is In The Middle Of Announcing Three New Promotions!

RingPlus Mad Promos 3, 4 and 5
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It seems like RingPlus is in an awful hurry to make up for all the promotions that it could not offer during its recent transitionary period where it revamped its plans and service.  During that time the Sprint MVNO caused an uproar among its subscribers and fans as it temporarily had to stop accepting and activating new lines of service.  All the worry of course proved to be for naught, as the company is in the middle of releasing 5 limited time promotional plans all within just a few days of reopening to new lines of service.

Free Mad Promo 3

Currently open and lasting until Wednesday October 26th, 2016 at 10 PM PST the Mad Promo 3 plan features 1000 talk, text and MMS with 1.5 GB of 4G LTE data per month.  Overages are billed at 5¢ for each unit of service.

A $5+ tax activation fee is required to sign up for the plan which can be withdrawn from your top up balance if you are already a RingPlus subscriber.  A $25 auto top up will also be required with the plan that only gets charged to your account at signup and again if and only if your account balance ever reaches $0.  As always, the auto top up is used to pay for any overages that you may incur while you are on the plan.

To use this plan you will eventually be required to download a RingPlus VoIP dialer application for phone calls.  The dialer should become available within two months.  If you don't like how the dialer functions, RingPlus will allow you to switch back to your old plan after you have tested the dialer for 2 weeks.

RingPlus is testing VoIP calling as a replacement for its legacy plans which were routed through RingPlus servers and unfortunately created call lag for some subscribers.

Mad Promo 4

The Mad Promo 4 plan opens at 10 PM PST on Tuesday October 25th and will last until Thursday October 27, 2016 at 10 PM PST.  The plan will be free for the first month of service but will cost $27.99/month thereafter.  The Mad Promo 4 plan features unlimited talk, text, MMS and data with the first 3 GB at 4G LTE speeds.  Tethering will be available as an add on priced at $3/week.

The Mad Promo 4 Plan is open to all new and current RingPlus subscribers.  All charges are billed to the top up balance.

Mad Promo 5

The Mad Promo 5 plan features 100 minutes, text, MMS and MB of 4G LTE data for $0 per month.  Overages are billed at 10¢ per unit of talk, text, MMS, and MB of data.  The plan requires a $1.50 auto top up fee which as always is used to cover any overages that you may incur while using the plan.

If the plans sound good to you, head on over to RingPlus during the promotional hours to sign up!

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