Best Family Cell Phone Plans

    Updated: Jun 21, 2017

    Is a family cell phone plan really what’s best for you?  Let’s find out.

    Here is a comparison list of the best cell phone plans that are currently available for families. Plans from every provider including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are compared as are plans from each of their respective MVNO’s.

    Please be advised that family plans aren’t always your best option to save you and your family money on a phone plan.  We have many different phone plan comparison lists that you should check out before making a final decision on to purchase.

    The Best Family Cell Phone Plans

    Wireless Provider Talk Text Data Lines/Price

    MetroPCS 30

    Network used: T-Mobile
    Special Features: Data Maximizer-reduces video streams to DVD quality of about 480p so your data lasts longer.  International texting available for $5 month, global calling available for $10/month.

    Mobile Hotspot: Yes

    Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB
    2 - $50
    3 - $75
    4 - $100
    Walmart Family Mobile

    Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited 40

    Network used: T-Mobile
    Special Features:

    Mobile Hotspot: Yes

    Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB
    2 - $69.76
    3 - $104.64
    4 - $139.52
    Consumer Cellular Logo

    Consumer Cellular 3 GB

    Network used: AT&T, T-Mobile
    Special Features: AARP Members save 5% off their monthly bill, ranked number 1 by Consumer Reports in customer satisfaction, and tops by JD Power.

    Mobile Hotspot: No

    Multi-Line Features:

    Data is shared between lines.

    Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB
    2 - $70

    T-Mobile Logo

    T-Mobile One

    Network used: T-Mobile
    Special Features:
    • Unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada and while traveling in Mexico and Canada.
    • Includes unlimited data and texting in 140+ countries with data speeds at 128 kbps.
    • Wi-fi calling included.
    • Unlimited text & 1 hour of free data on Gogo® enabled flights.
    • Get ONE PLUS - For additional $5/month per line which includes, unlimited HD video streaming and unlimited mobile hotspot with the first 10 GB at high speed. Also includes unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo enabled flights, and 256 kbps data speeds while traveling abroad. Voicemail to Text and Name ID also available.
    • Get ONE PLUS International – All the features of ONE PLUS for $25/per month plus unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries and mobile in 30+ as well as unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot
    • Data prioritization policy applied once over 30 GB of data has been consumed during a billing cycle
    • Taxes and fees included with price
    • Use less than 2 GB of data in a month and get $10 refund
    • Questions call +1(855)-408-7784

    Mobile Hotspot: Yes

    Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited GB
    2 - $100
    3 - $140
    4 - $160

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    More Everything offers discounts for fully paid devices, not just EDGE.
    $15 per line for 4GB and less plans.
    $25 per line for 6GB and more plans.

    It actually cheaper to have 4 lines on the 6/8/10GB plans than the 4GB plan.

    Also there are tons of corporate discounts. Chances are, if you work for a national company there’s a discount.

    I just switched after learning I can get 15% off based on where I work.
    Was looking at MVNOs to get LTE support and add a 4th line and Verizon ended up being cheaper with more data.


    H2O is 4G LTE not HSPA+.
    Cricket family plan is $100 for 5 lines.


    What about h20?


    Cricket just upped the 3 line plan for $90 to 3 GB each. 4 or 5 lines on the 3 GB plan is $100. May as well add that 5th phone if you add a 4th, doesn’t cost any more. Up each plan to $40 each and you get 8 GB per line.