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Visible Adds Robocall “Scam Protection”

Visible Adds Spam Protection
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Verizon's prepaid brand Visible has announced that it now offers "Scam Protection." Scam Protection is Visible's name for robocall blocking. It is available for free for all Visible subscribers, however, current subscribers must manually activate the feature. All new subscribers will have it automatically enabled by default.

If you're a current Visible customer that wants to activate the feature, simply login to your account then click or scroll to "privacy & security," and finally toggle "turn on scam protection" to enable it.

Visible's Scam Protection doesn't block spam calls from reaching your phone it simply forwards all calls identified as spam to your voicemail. Visible has set up an FAQs webpage detailing how it works.

Visible says that it will be using various databases "that are constantly evolving" to detect spam calls. They are also using a technology known as STIR/SHAKEN to help reduce the chance of incorrectly blocking legitimate phone calls. According to Verizon Wireless, STIR/SHAKEN "is a carrier-based Caller ID authentication that requires carriers to digitally sign calls originated by their customers. It uses the same public-key cryptography process that secures e-commerce websites."

Visible makes it a point to state that calls originating outside the US may not always be identified as spam. Of course, spam detection is imperfect to begin with, so it's reasonable for subscribers who enable the feature to expect some spam calls originating domestically to get through. Unfortunately, it looks like Visible's Scam Protection isn't set up to help detect spam text messages.

Verizon's Visible brand is a little late to the carrier prepaid brand robocall blocking party. T-Mobile's Metro by T-Mobile first announced such a feature back in 2017. AT&T's Cricket Wireless has also offered it for a while under the name Call Defense.

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