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Visible Unlimited Basic Phone Plan

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Price: $25

Networks Used:Verizon
High Speed Data:UnlimitedGB
Network Type:4G LTE, 5G
Hotspot Data:Unlimited
International Talk/Text:Yes / Yes
WiFi Calling/Texting:Yes / Yes
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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$25 / $300
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$50 / $600
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$75 / $900
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$100 / $1200
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$125 / $1500
Price Includes All Taxes And Fees?     Yes

Online Payment Forms Accepted

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Venmo

Plan Details

  • Unlimited Mobile hotspot with speeds limited to 5Mbps
  • Has a customer referral program.  Refer a friend, get $20 off your next month of service. Referral credits can be stored and banked in your account. A maximum of 12 credits can be earned and stored during a calendar year.
  • WiFi calling available on iPhones and select Android phones including devices from Google, Samsung, and, Motorola,
  • eSIM supported for new customers with iPhones and select Google Pixel/Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • Free 15-day eSIM trial is available
  • 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide network support. 5G Ultra Wideband coverage is not included
  • Includes unlimited international calling and texting to Canada and Mexico
  • Calling and texting to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • Videos stream at a resolution of 480p
  • Includes robocall Scam Detection to help block spam phone calls by sending them to voicemail
  • Data speeds will slow down at any time the network is congested
  • Includes $5/month discount on Verizon Home Internet
  • Data speeds may be limited to a maximum of 400Mbps

Bring Your Own Phone Details

To use Visible on Verizon's network

If you want to use Visible's plan on the Verizon network, your phone should ideally support all of the following LTE bands: 2, 4, 5, 13, 66 . Even if your phone does support all of the bands, the phone needs to be approved by Verizon for use on the network. For 5g coverage, when available from the provider, your phone needs to support the following bands: n2 (1900MHz), n5(850MHz), n66(1700MHz/2100MHz), n77(3.7GHz), n261 (28GHz), n260 (39GHz), .

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Visible Free Trial eSIM

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