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Visible’s Free eSIM Trial Supported By Multiple Video Ads

Visible Free eSIM Trial Offer
Visible Free eSIM Trial Offer
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Yesterday, Visible formally announced a new 15-day free trial offer via eSIM for select iPhone customers. Visible came out of the gates swinging with the new offer, quite literally. Head on over to Visible's website where the trial offer is explained and you'll see a pair of boxing gloves, one with Visible branding. The Visible glove appears to be doing battle with a glove from another network. Not only that, but Visible has also released two new video ads to highlight the offer. For the time being, the ads appear to be restricted to digital streaming media platforms. No TV ads have been noted just yet. Visible last aired a TV ad during the months of November and December. According to Wave7 Research, Visible's Holiday TV Ad aired 3,500 times during that time span but has recently ended.

Visible's Free eSIM Trial Offer Explained

Visible's free eSIM trial will get select iPhone customers a 15-day free trial of the only plan that the provider sells, an unlimited everything plan. The unlimited everything plan has unlimited talk, text, high-speed data, mobile hotspot, and calling to Canada and Mexico. The trial offer is only available to iPhones released in 2018 or later and include the following models:

iPhone X Series

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 Series

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Series

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 13 Series

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 mini

The iPhone SE is also supported.

iPhone users must have iOS 14 or later installed on their device to take advantage of the offer. Interestingly, Visible is not requiring a credit card or any other payment method to be provided to sign up for the trial. Visible is also giving customers who take advantage of the offer a temporary phone number to use with the trial. If they are happy with the trial and want to become a full-fledged customer, they can either keep the temporary number or port their number in from another provider.

There are some other qualifications that you must meet in order to take advantage of the free trial. Visible says that anyone who is not currently a Visible member, has not been a Visible member in the last 12 months, or has not participated in the trial in the past 12 months is eligible to participate in it. You’re only allowed to get one free trial per device and one free trial in any 12-month period.

Taking a Visible test drive is easy, interested persons can simply head over to the Visible website and scan a QR code to get started. After the trial is up customers can either pay $40/month for the plan for $25/month when they join a Party Pay group. Those who port their numbers in and become full-fledged customers are also eligible for Visible's $50 gift card promo. No word yet on if or when Android customers will be allowed to get a free trial via eSIM.

Visible's Two New Commercials Supporting Free eSIM Trial

Visible has released two new video ads to help market its free eSIM trial offer. Both ads are 15 seconds long, and collectively, have already been viewed more than 419,000 times. Visible is making a strong push to market itself to singles. Both ads specifically mention that demographic. One ad is called "Single For The Win," and the other, "I Can't Stop Won't Stop."

"Single For The Win" Visible Ad

The "Single For The Win" ad features a woman sitting on a couch with her significant other. It also includes multiple kids getting into mischief, with one throwing rolls of toilet paper around. With all the chaos surrounding her, the woman says "we really expanded our family, for the wireless savings." She then appears to look bitter as she states "then, my sister told me about Visible." The ad carries on with the woman's sister exclaiming that she gets unlimited data for $25/month with no family needed. The ad finishes by showing viewers that they can try Visible for free before they switch with no credit card needed. Wach it down below.

"I Can't Stop Won't Stop" Visible Ad

The "I Can't Stop Won't Stop" Visible ad starts off with a sketch drawing and carton with a voiceover that says "you don't pay more for wireless, just because you're single." Viewers are then told they can get unlimited data and non-stop streaming for as low as $25/month. Once again, the ad finishes by showing viewers that they can try Visible for free before they switch without a credit card. Wach it down below.

Visible is not the only prepaid provider to offer its customers a free trial plan via eSIM. In April of 2021, Mint Mobile began offering a free trial plan via eSIM to its customers. So it seems Visible is actually a little late to the party here. Visible's free trial offer is actually better than Mint Mobile's. Mint Mobile's trial only includes 250 minutes, 250 texts, and 250MB of data and it only lasts for 7-days. A credit card is also required at signup. On the postpaid side, T-Mobile has also been offering a free test drive via eSIM for potential iPhone customers since last year as well.

Visible is a prepaid wireless provider that operates on the Verizon network. It is one of many prepaid brands, including Straight Talk Wireless and Tracfone among others, that are owned by Verizon.

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