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Boom Mobile Server Crash

Boom Mobile Server Problems Have Led To Customer Login Issues

Joe Paonessa - May 4, 2022
Since about April 30th, Boom Mobile customers have been reporting in online forums such as Reddit and HowardForums that they’ve been unable to login to their accounts. This has led some customers to push the panic button that Boom Mobile is perhaps going out of business. The owner of Boom
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Boom Mobile 2nd Month For One Dollar Offer

Boom Mobile’s Offering 50GB, Buy One Month Get the Second Month For $1

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 3, 2022
Boom! Mobile is offering a pay one month get one month for $1 deal, as part of its Nascar Racing Fan promotion. The plans involved in the discount include several options. There is a plan only option and a plan bundled with a phone deal. Boom Mobile is offering its
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Boom Mobile's Red And Purple Plans Have Been Updated

Boom Mobile Updates Plans, Get 10GB Data For $29.99

Joe Paonessa - May 18, 2021
Boom Mobile provides service on all three major networks in the USA. The MVNO offers over 40 phone plans. Dennis Bournique of Prepaid Compare just noted a multitude of mostly positive changes from the company. Many Boom Mobile phone plans got price cuts with data increases. However, a “free” trial
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Boom Mobile's Website Was Partially Infiltrated By Thieves

Boom Mobile Website Was Infected With Malware, New Customer Credit Cards Compromised

Joe Paonessa - Oct 7, 2020
If you signed up for Boom Mobile between 9/30/20 and 10/5/20 or made any other purchase on the site between those dates with manual credit card entry, it’s time for you to get a new credit card. A portion of Boom Mobile’s website had been infected with malware during that
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Boom Mobile Now Selling 360-Day eBay Annual Plan

Boom Mobile Selling Annual Plan On eBay With 5GB Data For $16.58/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 21, 2020
Boom Mobile has launched its annual plan on eBay (Update 3/24/2020 – the eBay seller BlueBeatsDigital removed all listings and instead is selling them exclusively on Amazon for the same prices mentioned in this article.)  The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 5GB of data
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Boom Mobile Updates PINK And BLUE Plans

Boom! Mobile Updates Plans With More Data

Joe Paonessa - Mar 17, 2020
Boom Mobile has issued several plan updates over the past few months.  Back in December, PINK plans were added.  Boom Mobile uses the designation PINK to describe plans that operate on the T-Mobile network.  Last month, a new free trial plan was introduced as was a new annual plan. This
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Boom! Mobile Launches Annual Plan

New Boom! Mobile Annual Plan Includes 5GB Of Data For $19.92/Month

Joe Paonessa - Feb 28, 2020
Just days after announcing a new free trial plan, Boom! Mobile is back with another new plan.  This time it’s an annual plan.  Boom! Mobile’s new annual plan is an unlimited everything plan with the first 5GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds for $239.04 annually or
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Boom! Mobile Is Now Offering A Free Trial

Boom Mobile! Offering Free Trial Plan On Your Choice Of 3 Major Networks

Joe Paonessa - Feb 24, 2020
Boom! Mobile has been providing wireless service to subscribers in the USA for approximately 5 years. The brand operates on the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks with service on T-Mobile only recently launched. Right now the MVNO is offering a free trial plan on the customer’s choice of any of
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Boom Mobile Introduces PINK Network Plans

Boom Mobile Adds New “Pink” Plans, Pricing Starts At $12.99/Month

Joe Paonessa - Dec 24, 2019
Boom Mobile has updated its wireless plans.  The MVNO has released new “PINK” network plans that start at $12.99/month plus a $2.99 regulatory recovery fee for 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 250 MB of data.  Boom Mobile denotes the plans as PINK, likely to signify they work on the T-Mobile
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Boom Mobile Updates Wireless Plans, Lowers Prices

Boom Mobile Updates Phone Plans, Get Unlimited Talk And Text With 2GB Data For $26.99

Joe Paonessa - Jul 24, 2019
Boom Mobile has updated its wireless plans.  The MVNO powered by Verizon has lowered its prices and improved the service allotments included with its plans. The BestMVNO featured pick includes unlimited talk and text with 2GB of hard capped data for $26.99.  The plan was previously offered for $29.99. This
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Boom Mobile Stops Selling Plans On The Sprint Network, Customers Migrated To Ting

Boom! Mobile Stops Selling Sprint Service, Customers Migrated To Unlimited Data Plan With Ting

Joe Paonessa - May 3, 2019
Boom Mobile has made the decision to stop offering service on the Sprint network.  The wireless provider has partnered with Ting and all of Boom Mobile’s Sprint network customers are being migrated over to Ting.  Customer’s who accept the transitional offer and don’t port elsewhere will receive a plan with
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Boom Mobile About To Get Uncapped LTE Data Speeds

Boom Mobile Set To Launch Beta Testing Of Unthrottled LTE Data Speeds On The Verizon Network

Joe Paonessa - Nov 29, 2017
Since its inception, Boom Mobile has offered its customer base competitive rates with service on the Verizon network.  At launch it was one of the only Verizon MVNO’s to offer coverage on Verizon’s extended network.   It also was the first Verizon MVNO to offer VoLTE aka HD Voice calling. The
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Boom Mobile’s Holiday Bundle Includes 4 Months Of Uncapped Data Speeds On The Verizon Network Plus A Moto E4 For $199.99

Joe Paonessa - Nov 23, 2017
Boom Mobile just announced a Black Friday weekend deal. For just $199.99 you can get an unlocked Moto E4 with 4 months of service on the Verizon network or 6 months of service on the Sprint network. The plan being sold with the phone includes unlimited talk and text with
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Boom Mobile About To Get Uncapped LTE Data Speeds

Boom! Mobile Announces VoLTE HD Voice Calling

Joe Paonessa - Apr 5, 2017
Boom! Mobile has announced that it can now offer VoLTE, aka HD-Voice calling to subscribers of its RED network plans.  MVNO’s often use the color red to describe the network that is Verizon. VoLTE allows for improved sound quality of voice calls as the calls get placed over the LTE
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Boom Mobile Logo

Boom Mobile Adds More Plans And Even More Value

Joe Paonessa - Nov 11, 2016
Boom Mobile, best known for being a Verizon MVNO, has added some more plans to its lineup that will provide more value to both current and prospective subscribers. New Plans Utilizing The V (Verizon) Network $24.99/month for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of hard capped 4G LTE data
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