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Boom! Mobile Founder Launches boom! Tech, Aiming To Become Mobile Industry Leader

Boom! Tech
Boom! Tech will showcase its latest efforts at the "All Wireless & Prepaid Expo" in Las Vegas, August 15 - 16, at BOOTH #228.
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Jeff Holley, founder of the MVNO boom! Mobile and the eBIKE company, boom! Moto, issued a press release today announcing the launch of boom! Tech. According to the release, boom! Tech has made advancements in design, patents, and product build-outs within the Internet of Things realm as it seeks to transform the mobile industry.

Boom! Tech will serve as the parent umbrella company for both boom! Mobile and boom! Moto. The boom! Tech platform has been designed to support operations as both a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA). Both MVNEs and MVNAs serve as launching points to help bring new MVNOs to the wireless market. They can provide their customers with a billing platform, customer support, and access to major wireless carrier networks, and even "MVNO in a Box" type solutions.

According to Holley, "Over the past two years, boom! Tech has dedicated significant resources to rebuilding its billing platform and backend systems. Investing in these capabilities allows the company to offer unparalleled experience in all aspects of billing, back office, and customer service."

It is unknown how many clients boom! Tech has using its MVNE/MVNA services. The press release mentions the brand "Daywalker Mobile" by actor Wesley Snipes as one client. However, a search on Google and Facebook turned up empty when trying to find the mobile brand other than Daywalker Mobile INC formally filed as a corporation in April 2023. So it seems the MVNO hasn't officially launched yet. The press release states "more" are using the platform but only Daywalker Mobile was mentioned by name.

Boom! Tech is said to be "securing a portfolio of patents" that will solidify its position as a pioneer in the Internet of Things. The patents are claimed to offer breakthrough technologies, unique algorithms, and proprietary methodologies that enable seamless connectivity, data analysis, and automation.

A graphic attached to the press release and atop this article seems to depict a couple of Internet of Things devices belonging to boom! Tech. One device, The KEE, appears to be multi-purpose and is advertised as being able to serve as a key fob to start cars and motorcycles. It can also serve as a walkie-talkie with push-to-talk functionality or even be used to push a button to contact help in case of a fall. A device with the same name, but with a different appearance, was mentioned in a boom! Mobile X-Post (formally Tweet) in 2019, but didn't appear to get off the ground.

The other device shown is called "The Tracer." It appears to offer some overlapping features with The KEE, although it focuses more on object tracking. "Track What Matters Most" reads the graphic.

Boom! Tech will appear at the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo on August 15-16, 2023, in Caesars Palace, Augustus Ballrooms in Las Vegas.

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