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Boom Mobile’s Offering 50GB, Buy One Month Get the Second Month For $1

Boom Mobile 2nd Month For One Dollar Offer
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Boom! Mobile is offering a pay one month get one month for $1 deal, as part of its Nascar Racing Fan promotion. The plans involved in the discount include several options. There is a plan only option and a plan bundled with a phone deal. Boom Mobile is offering its deal options on their boom! Red (Verizon) and Purple (T-Mobile) networks. 

Buy One Month Get The 2nd Month For $1 Offer details & Fine Print

This offer has very little fine print attached to it. It appears to be available for new lines of service only, as when you go to check out you are asked if you need a new number or want to port in. Although the offer is available on both the Verizon and T-Mobile networks, Boom Mobile is offering different data allotments depending on the network chosen. Below is a summary of the deal offerings.

boom! Red (Verizon)

$40 first month $1 second month
Renews at $40 per/mo
40 GB High Speed Data
Unlimited Talk and Text
Verizon Network

boom! Purple (T-Mobile) 

$50 first month $1 second month
Renews at $50 per/mo
50 GB High Speed Data
Unlimited Talk and Text
T-Mobile Network

In lieu of the buy one month get a second month for $1 offers, Boom is bundling each of the above plans with a Samsung Galaxy A10 for $149.00. As a point of reference, the Samsung Galaxy A10, which was released in 2019, is selling unlocked on Amazon right now for $169.99. The Amazon version is the international model. 

Boom Mobile Samsung Galaxy A10 And Plan Bundle Deal
Boom! Mobile Samsung Galaxy A10 And Plan Bundle Deal

Shipping is free with this deal, however sales tax on the phone may be extra. All taxes and fees are included in the monthly price of the plans. 

It is unknown if either of the plans include mobile hotspot usage or unlimited 2G data. Boom Mobile does not specify. BestMVNO has reached out to Boom Mobile for clarification. This post will be updated if a response is received.

5G is available on boom! Purple network. 5G is supported for most popular Android phones, while not offered yet for iPhones. 5G for iPhones is planned for the future.

On the boom! Red network 5G compatible iPhones are supported while some 5G compatible Android phones are supported.  

An end date for the offers has not been specified.

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